12 Reasons Why Donald Trump is Unfit to Be President

“You liberals just want President Trump to fail. Name One Reason why you dislike him so much,” someone dares me on Facebook.

Donald Trump conflict of interestHey Pal, I’ll do ya one better. I’ll give you 12 emphatic reasons why Donald Trump is unfit to hold the office of President of the United States of America…

  1. Trump refuses to divest or otherwise give up his ownership interest in his worldwide business holdings. This represents a clear conflict of interest and lack of transparency. President Trump owns approximately 77 percent of the Trump Old Post Office LLC, which holds a lease from the General Services Administration to operate the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC. That hotel has actively courted foreign diplomats for their business and, according to public reports since the November 2016 election, diplomats have made plans to stay at the hotel to curry favor. The hotel has reportedly taken in $270,000 in payments tied to Saudi Arabia for expenses including lodging, catering, and parking expenses as part of its effort to urge Congress to repeal the law letting 9/11 victims’ families sue the Kingdom. At least two tenants of Trump Tower are entities owned by foreign states, including the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, which is owned by China; and Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority, which is owned by the United Arab Emirates. Then there’s the cost to taxpayers of his travel to resorts in which he has ownership interest. And to provide Secret Service security details for his children as they travel the world making deals for the Trump Empire. I am not alright with this. Are you?
  2. His refusal to release his tax returns since taking the oath of office. How are we to recognize conflicts of interest if he is able to hide them from the light of accountability? He shouldn’t be afraid if he has nothing to hide. Nothing like, say, tax evasion or money laundering in his past. To quote Ronald Reagan, “trust but verify”.
  3. He has hurt America’s image in the world, and other nations are now laughing at us and/or taking leadership roles in the vacuum created by his laziness. It takes more than tough talk to be a strong leader. Germany’s Angela Merkel has stepped up as the “leader of the free world” with Trump too busy watching his press coverage on TV and kissing Vladimir Putin’s ass to actually provide guidance for the globe.
  4. Trump is a puppet PutinThe Russia Thing. Of course the Democrats want him investigated, but that’s no reason for this matter to be dropped. Repeatedly, we’ve seen stories amended once Trump & Co. have been caught not telling the whole story, if not outright lying to the American people about what actually happened. You’d have to be blind not to see the quid pro quo at work with Exxon’s Rex Tillerson installed as Secretary of State to work toward lifting of sanctions against Russia in order that a huge deal for oil drilling can go through. Those sanctions were put in place to punish Putin and Russia for invading a sovereign neighbor like a modern-day Hitler. You’d have to be blind not to see that Trump was desperate to bury his possible criminality by firing the FBI director and lashing out at his Attorney General for recusing himself from the Trump-Russian investigation. Bill Browder — once the biggest portfolio investor in Russia — told the Senate Judiciary Committee how the Putin needs to lift U.S. sanctions to deliver what he promised to corrupt oligarchs who support his rule. Trump has refused to speak harshly of Putin and has given him many of the things on Russia’s wish list. It’s almost as if Putin has something to blackmail the president about. We’ll find out.
  5. His defense of white supremacists and neo-nazis. It took two days after the carnage in Charlottesville for the president of the USA to specifically denounce them by name (hypocritical considering how often and fervently he attacked Obama for not denouncing “radical Islamic terrorists”). After considerable arm-twisting, he reluctantly denounced the KKK and white supremacist groups, but then he came back the next day and defended them as “very fine people”, prompting David Duke of the Klan to say, “Thank you, President Trump.” Any actions that cause terrorists to gloat are simply encouragement for further violence and division. His own staff includes reputed white nationalists like Steve Bannon, Miller and Gorka. House Speaker Paul Ryan called Trump’s own comments about a Hispanic judge “textbook racism” during the campaign. Deal with this fact: You elected a Bigot.
  6. He has demonstrated poor judgment in appointing people in his administration. In just his first six months in office, Trump fired or accepted resignations from his Chief of Staff, Deputy Chief of Staff, National Security Advisor, Deputy National Security Advisor, Press Secretary, FBI Director, Census Bureau Director, the director of the Office of Government Ethics, and TWO Communications Directors. He’s trying to get Attorney General Jeff Sessions to quit while Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is also reportedly considering leaving. Trump nominated an AG who was deemed too racist to be a federal judge, a Health Secretary who wants to kill Medicare, A Treasury Secretary who foreclosed on the elderly, Putin’s good buddy as Secretary of State, a bigot with no experience as Education Secretary, a climate denier for Environmental Protection, and a Labor Secretary whose employees sued him for wage theft. Insanity! And don’t even get me started about the nepotism thing with Ivanka and son-in-law Jared!
  7. He’s a Proponent of the Privatization of Everything. Privatizing government programs and assets might seem like a more cost effective way of doing things, but it actually just amounts to very wealthy men getting wealthier off the taxpayers and potentially giving foreign parties the power to infiltrate our government’s operations. Saudi Arabia is slated to flow money through a private equity firm Blackstone Group LP while Goldman Sachs has said in its financial filings that it too has plans to expand investment in privatized infrastructure. Government of the Trust Fund Class for the Trust Fund Class and by the Trust Fund Class. Privatization is ultimately about subsidizing risk and socializing profits among a few cronies.
  8. He’s a Bully. He touts his business success, but the truth is he accumulated his wealth employing bullying tactics that browbeat investors and lenders to such an extent that he can no longer rely on U.S. investors and banks to finance his projects. Honestly, Google it! During the campaign, we heard many stories of how he would hire people to do work for him, then dare them to sue him when he said he would only pay a portion of what they were contractually owed. Republicans know better than anyone what a bully he is — enduring his childish name-calling and seeing him recruit candidates to take out GOP incumbents who vote against things he wants. He’s followed the Fascism playbook very well, identifying enemies as a unifying cause and pushing a relentless Nationalism that divides Americans who would be a threat if they were unified. Bullies have to prey on the weakest, and avoid confrontation with those stronger because of their own insecurities. This is the source of his disdain for immigrants and his rampant sexism. I’ve never liked a bully, especially one who controls nuclear weapons.
  9. His Behavior is Often Beneath the Dignity of the Office he Holds. I am shocked and appalled by his behavior. And I am not afraid to say so. He has mocked the disabled. He has disrespected veterans, women and minorities. He has discredited the US Intelligence Community and dishonored a “Gold Star” family. He has talked about how he can “grab them by their pussy” and other things we’re horrified that our children are watching.
  10. His Attacks on the Media. Trump has done a masterful job of seeding doubt and distrust in the Fourth Establishment that holds him accountable to the public good. He has denounced the press as “the enemy” and fixated on things like reporting about the size of his inauguration crowd. A corrupt president would, hypothetically, have a far easier time persuading his supporters to follow his agenda with propaganda than independent media accounts (the current Russian and Chinese autocrats consider all news as grist for their propaganda mills). A lawsuit claims Trump previewed a Fox News story that alleged that a murder victim, 27-year-old Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, had been communicating with WikiLeaks, implying that Rich, rather than the Russians, leaked stolen DNC emails that helped Trump’s campaign. The administration has even gone so far as to try to leak fake stories to news outlets like The Rachel Maddow Show in a cynical attempt to later discredit the material so they can say, “See, we told you… fake news.”
  11. The Tweets. Not only do his Tweets showcase his hypocrisy — doing so many things as president that he relentlessly attacked President Obama for doing — but they are a grave national security risk to the United States, opening his phone up to possible hacking by foreign parties. He has used the social network to play nuclear brinkmanship with North Korea. He provokes us with divisive political rhetoric while going on petty, childish rants against his critics. Put simply, this is a man who lacks the self-control to do something as basic as putting down his damn phone. And he’s narcissistic enough to believe that every thought in his head deserves to be broadcast to the world. A president should speak thoughtfully and with measured tones. Trump has notoriously thin skin and is easily baited. And he certainly doesn’t want to blurt out classified info that compromises our security apparatus in front of adversarial powers. His talk of preemptive attack give North Korea the sound bite it needs to reinforce the propaganda by the regime there. I’m not sure the Oval Office is the safest place for someone who always has to be the center of attention. You know I’m right.
  12. He is a Liar. I know, I hear you thinking, “They’re ALL liars.” Possibly, but President Trump elevates lying to new heights. He even lies about things that are of little consequence, forcing his spokespeople to walk back and explain away things he’s said. In his defense, I’m not sure Trump realizes how much of a liar he is; I think he lives in a bubble where his insecurities would destroy him if he truly accepted his faults. Besides, he only listens to news from the likes of Breitbart, The National Inquirer, Fox, and Rush Limbaugh that cater to his voters.

My friends on the conservative side admit that Trump is “imperfect”, which is an understatement. I submit with the points I have just laid out that he is a national disgrace and a clear and present danger to the United States of America!

I know that he spoke to you in a simple, clear language you could easily understand, and you liked what he told you after decades of feeling like politicians just wouldn’t give it to ya straight. I realize his promises to hurt others felt good after years of seeing brown-skinned people come into your town, changing the way of life and dictating to you what would be respectful to them. Donald Trump seemed to be on your side, our side, pledging to fight for middle class families just trying to squeeze out a happy life for us and our children. He said he liked the Bible and your pastor probably encouraged you to vote for him instead of Hillary, so naturally you want to support the guy who likes Jesus the most. Never mind his three marriages, history of adultery and child rape accusations. Praise the Lord and pass the butter!

Winning Senate confirmation for Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court was an early victory that seemed to signal that Trump was going to make all of your conservative dreams come true, but he’s made no attempts to build support with moderates and thus, largely failed. I understand that the condescension of the liberal press and Washington insiders gets your blood boiling as they insinuate that those of us in the flyover status are just a bunch of ignorant rednecks easily swayed in desperate times by Trump’s populist message.

Trump is a disgraceYou will, however, inevitably have to take responsibility for ignoring the obvious warning signs (a history of outsourcing jobs, stiffing vendors, union busting, fake charities, a sham university, and housing discrimination) that he is primarily looking out for himself and other wealthy moguls.

The reality you will soon come to realize is that his presidency is a sham. You were played. Again. The way we always get exploited and manipulated by the powerful elites. Some of them were scammed as well. Trump’s manufacturing council was disbanded after multiple executives quit it in protest of his comments about white supremacists being “very nice”.

You really should’ve known better when Bush Jr. wrecked the economy and left two wars with no strategy for winning, but Republicans are always talking about their “family values” while painting those Democrats as being unAmerican, so you didn’t really have any choice but to vote for him, did you? I know it hurts to admit it, but yeah, you unleashed this madness upon us by allowing 20+ years of propaganda about Hillary Clinton to cloud your judgment. I know, I know. You hate her. Benghazi. Emails. Blah, Blah, Blah. 

Please understand that those who oppose and criticize the 45th President of the United States do not do so out of a singular desire to harm him or to get revenge for him winning an election that even he did not expect to win — not all of us anyway. Swipes at him are always opportunistic, but Trump’s critics are no more savage to him than he was to his predecessor. I can’t stand people who dish it out but can’t take it.

I’ve lived under Republican presidents before, and while I might not have liked it, I went to bed with reasonable presumption that they’d at least keep the country from falling apart at the seams (Mitt Romney seems absolutely wonderful in retrospect). This time it is different. This time we have a man whose words and deeds betray the values he’s touted to good Christian people counting on him to fight for them — a man clearly in over his head but too egotistical to admit it. He could salvage his presidency if only he’d listen to his advisors.

We wake up and wonder what new insanity he’s instigated. Every. Single. Day.

This is NOT normal. You’re deceiving yourself if you actually believe it is. Explaining away his behavior is only enabling him to continue harming our Constitution and the institutions that can literally mean life or death to millions of Americans — the same way his handling of white supremacists coddles their hateful, violent agenda.

I don’t expect to change your mind with this blog post. But I am expressing, as clearly as I know how, the answer to that statement on Facebook. I welcome discussion with intelligent conservatives, but I don’t envy them having to step up as defenders for such a disgusting man.

Written by Steven Stiefel