2017: Images of the Year

chattanooga tn landscape photographer

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It’s almost time to put a new calendar on the wall. It only seems fitting to look back on the past 12 months and review some of my better content creation. What follows are my choices for the top images of the year. While there was a lot of images I loved and moments that were memorable, these would be my choices for the best of the best, embodying that combination of aesthetic appeal, awesome timing, and emotional resonance within the framework of the year itself. I discovered some fantastic new talents I had the privilege to collaborate with. Thanks to everyone who helped me in creating these photos.


I tested with this remarkable new male model, Marcelo, in the fall. This was, I believe, the best of the images from that photo shoot. It’s also memorable for the fact that it was warm enough in November to get shots with his shirt off outdoors. I rarely get to work with guys who are so handsome and fit that women stare at them during the photo shoot.

I photographed this beautiful young woman during the Shine Fashion Show in October at the Chattanooga Choo-Choo. She was one of several beautifully styled Indian girls who participated in the runway show. The designer was Synthia Padala.

Chattanooga Runway Fashion Photography

I photographed this trio of stunning models from the Top Talent Management Agency posing in gowns from Victoria Wilmoth Couture.

Riverbend was once again a great event, including this performance by The Joy Formidable.

Two-thousand seventeen was also notable for the homecoming of sorts for performer Nakia, captured during his show at the Fort Payne Boom Days Festival. Before he became a big star appearing on NBC’s The Voice, he was just Nakia, my friend.

At Boom Days, I photographed this street performer from the Imperial OPA Circus walking around on stilts.

Location and model came together beautifully in this shoot with Amy J.

Generations aligned as I shot this image of beautiful Bailey, the daughter of high school classmates.

Two of my favorite models, Bex Bella and AhoyLexie, combined to execute this concept shoot.

chattanooga tn landscape photographer

I photographed the fireworks at Chattanooga’s Coolidge Park on the Fourth of July. Even as the future of the country was tested, the traditional holiday itself proved as reliable as apple pie.

chattanooga tn model photography

I can honestly say that this was one of the more challenging shoots I did in 2017, requiring a bit of a long drive, hiking into the woods and scaling rocks to get in just the right position. I’d say it was worth the effort.

A highlight of my year was collaborating with this outstanding new model, Olivia Lynn. We struggled to align our schedules and ended up shooting late on a summer day after she got off work. She’s got a strong presence on camera and is a lovely person on top of that.

beautiful short haired girl

Maddie was also a remarkable new face who I had the privilege of shooting with multiple times during the year, including a fantastic shoot in which the Sewanee campus nearly overshadowed even her gorgeous face.

I had admired Marissa for a couple of years, having met her while she was a bartender at my neighborhood pub. We reconnected through Facebook, and I’m grateful she was receptive to doing a photo shoot. I loved this image of her in particular.

I’m no doubt biased, but I LOVE this portrait of my daughter and her chihuahua, Izzy. This new addition to our family was a huge part of our 2017.

spring break calendar shoot

During one of my calendar shoots, I met Jacqueline, an Atlanta beauty who brings a feisty spirit and superlative level of physical fitness to her work. We got this image on the beach of Panama City Beach on the first day of scouting models for the calendar — right before the weather became unseasonably cold. I’ll never forget how the chill threatened the entire week’s shoots or how much fun it was hanging out with Jacqueline and the other staff models salvaging what we could during the idle time.

Roses Boudoir Photo Shoot

I collaborated once again with the amazing Red McCord in March of 2017. We used the petals from all of the roses her husband gave her for Valentine’s Day to fill the tub in her bathroom and I straddled the edges to get this photo. Oh, how close I came to falling in and being able to say I took a bath with Red.

Urban Street Style with Zack Galloway

Another fantastic male model I shot with in 2017 was Zack Galloway. Great looking kid and pretty cool as well.

I can thank Chuck St. John of Red Models for connecting me with the lovely Voxy. We connected while both of us happened to be in downtown Atlanta at the same time. Both of our photo shoots flaked on us, so we salvaged the day by shooting together. It was nice to get a change of scenery, whereas I am normally around waterfalls and barns rather than subways, sculptures and skyscrapers.

I loved this portrait of Sarah Nickole Young in exotic apparel. She’s a very fascinating and beautiful young lady. We clicked with real chemistry during this shoot and got so many awesome images.

My biggest commercial client in 2017 was, without doubt, the Flexabed Adjustable Bed company, which I began working with through my position at Riverworks Marketing. The promotional imagery I did in 2017 is featured throughout their new website and newsletters.


This moment happened while I was visiting the Chattanooga Theatre Centre to get some photos of their building for their website, which Riverworks Marketing gave a makeover following their win in a contest for Chattanooga Nonprofits. It was a beautiful spring day, and this image seemed to capture so much of the city’s appeal, especially its reputation as a top destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

This portrait of my friend Dawn and her daughter is bittersweet. She commissioned the photo shoot as she battled terminal cancer. Both women knew this could be their last professionally made photo together. Indeed, within a few weeks, she passed away.