More than anything I could say about myself, my reputation for excellence as one of the best photographers in my field is reflected in the comments of those I have collaborated with.

I’ve worked with Steven going on 10 years now and couldn’t recommend anyone higher.Laurens Antoine, Director of Photography at FHM US, Online
Steven has worked directly with me for several years at MAVTV. He was instrumental in our ability to build the value of our start-up company and successfully sell the company. Steven has been a tremendous self-starter and was responsible for keeping a 24/7 television network on the air, 365 days of the year. He also served as editorial manager for our website and singlehandedly kept the site updated on a daily basis. Steven is a nose-to-the-grindstone sort of guy and is a consummate team player with a great overall attitude. In a day and age where companies understand the value of employees who can wear several hats at once, Steven is one of these important multitalented guys.Rob Stevens, Co-Founder MAVTV, Media Executive
Steven Stiefel is an incredibly generous, knowledgeable, & talented individual. He is a great asset to any company and knows how to get the job done with efficiency. Not only does he meet all the technical requirements of a great worker, he is also very pleasant to be around as well. An easy-hire.Jason Martinez, Field Producer at Pilgrim Studios
Steven’s editorial contributions and interviews are polished, professional and alive, not to mention fun reading. Over and above his editorial responsibilities he’s regularly in virtual and phone contact with marketing and communications ideas that help expand our reach and contact. Steven’s always thinking and networking, looking at people and sites we could partner with for growth.Teri Sawers, Owner of Communications Insight/Former Marketing Director for Savvy.com
Steven Stiefel is one of the most professional individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with! He adds personality and a touch of class to everything while always keeping the main objective first! Top-notch in the field and highly recommended by everyone I know in the industry. Tara Lynn Overby
When I needed to have my bio revamped, I was excited Steven was available. I’ve kept up with his thought provoking social media updates, and writing through his services at Stiefel Creative since meeting him at the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce Business EXPO, in 2012. While most know Steven for capturing moments with photography, he offers the same unique approach by capturing the essence of accomplishments in his writing to produce a compelling bio. Steven has an aptitude for copywriting and understanding of clients that makes him stand out from the thousands online. Always a creative, he offers a positive and professional outlook, Steven would be a great copywriter/photographer for any organization. Looking forward to working together on another occasion!Chante Newcomb
Steven is a very talented and creative person. He has many valuable skills that any company would only benefit from. Steven’s experience in writing, photography, and social media are nothing short of impressive. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for photography, social media advice, resume services, creative writing help, or any of the many other services he offers. Personally he has helped me with updating my professional photographs and resume.William Coulter
Steven is a very loyal and honorable person to work with. He is not only diligent, but committed to a high level of quality in everything done. I have had the pleasure of knowing Steven for many years and have enjoyed the consistent up-beat conversations. I would certainly recommend him, both professionally and personally.Jocelyn Binder, President of True Intimates Attire
Steven Stiefel has been the photographer of choice for my niece. He was highly recommended. He was always personable and professional. He made my niece feel comfortable. I wouldn’t use anyone else for family photos, or professional needs.Karyl Spillman
I have shot with him several times, and it’s been great every time. Steven Stiefel is very professional and always brings good creative energy to the shoot. I always have trouble picking which photos to post after the shoot because I get so many great ones back!Jessica Nicole Lewis
I never modeled, did pageants or acted or sang in front of a crowd when I did a photo shoot with Steven Stiefe. I have always had serious stage fright and gotten nervous under any level of attention. I was not only completely within my comfort zone, but it also ended up being one of the most beautiful photo shoots. Steven is great for someone like me who had no clue what to do. I would recommend Steven to anyone in need of a photographer. Emily Caroline
My shoots with Steven Stiefel have been more than picture taking, besides the breath taking images that I have submitted for multiple calendars, Steven has brought alot of work to my table as well. Not only is his work phenomenal, it gets you where you are trying to go!Jessica Miller
A true artist. Steven Stiefel brings a creative eye to the work that is beyond compare. Having the pleasure of being a model and a client, I have always enjoyed collaborating with him. Not only easygoing in nature but extremely helpful in providing direction to groups or inexperienced subjects. My wedding pictures were fabulous despite the heat of South Georgia in August during a heat wave. Steven was able to capture my big moment with fluidity and grace, and I am grateful that I made the right choice!Marki Meisburger Mason
I owe my modeling career to Steven Stiefel. I would not be appearing in top international magazines and websites if Steven had not seen potential in me and hired me for my first photo shoot. He encouraged me to try and take it to the next level. Now I’ve appeared in more than 80 publications.Candace Rae
It’s a wonderful experience each and every time working with Steven Stiefel. His talent is beyond measure. Such a great attitude and very professional. Steven’s creativity is amazing.Hanna LaBritt
Very comfortable and he was Extremely professional (: Thank you so much for my amazing pictures… You are the best!!Vickie