I prefer to collaborate with the same talents repeatedly, but I am always looking for new faces to test with and use on commercial shoots. Here are some of my current projects:

Editorial Submissions


Since 2006 C-HEADS Magazine shows a snapshot of youth culture, bringing together the most talented people.

When I find appropriate talents and places, I arrange spec photo shoots for the purpose of generating content to submit to my image syndication agency for possible commercial use in lifestyle magazines, in websites, in brochures, on posters, etc.

Publications I am interested in submitting to for editorial consideration include Playboy domestic and international editions, Maxim global editions, Kandy Magazine, For Guys Magazine, The Chive, C-Heads, and Arsenic.

If your look matches what one finds in these materials, let’s collaborate!

Personal Fine Art Project: Objects of Desire

An ongoing fine-art project based on the concept of beauty as a double-edged sword — it is both a gateway of perks and the source of unwanted attention. Using my skill and experience as a journalist, I photograph and interview various women from different walks of life with one common aspect: Their feminine allure.

I endeavor to explore their worlds as an outsider looking in, to see the perks and the problems of the male gaze from their perspective. Their beauty affects everyone around them, from the hordes who treat them as a privileged class to those who look upon them as benefactors of an unfair gene pool lottery.

I am looking for women willing to be photographed in an artistic/documentary style and contribute their thoughts on the topic. The eventual format for this will likely be a website and print gallery. I am attempting to say something with this project, which is deeper artistically than most of the commercial work I do.

Fit Modern Woman

Fit and happy

In 2001, I created a website called that sold to a company based in California, leading to a five year job as the editor of I am looking to repeat the success of Mensclick by creating another website focused on fitness and achieving balance in life. is a project I am now shooting for. It involves being interviewed and photographed for a feature article and pictorial. Obviously, fitness is critical to your involvement on this, as well as an openness to share your personal story of how you pursue harmony in career, family, relationships, spirituality, and nutrition/fitness.


Fine Art Book Project


I am working on a virtual “Coffeetable Art Book” style eBook that explores the history and seductive allure of lingerie. Models interested in posing for this project need to be comfortable with their bodies, in excellent physical fitness, and generally uninhibited about exploring their sensuality. The style is tasteful, fun and sexy, photographed in a variety of settings with natural light, running the spectrum from full-on glamour to portraiture to fine-art black and white. My goal is to create something beautiful rather than exploitive or raunchy. To achieve that, I need collaborators who understand my intent and trust me to make them look amazing and classy.



Classmates USA Calendar

Casting swimsuit models for a national calendar… The Classmate USA Spring Break Swimsuit Calendar is one of the top swimsuit calendars in the country. Besides helping with the staff, you will also get your chance to shoot for the calendar. Take the front cover shot, and you get an extra $1,000 cash bonus!

Staff pay is $250 for a one week gig as a staff model. All expenses paid…. positions are very limited. Apply now. Excellent opportunity, fun, and a great chance to get discovered and be on a national swimsuit calendar.

All model applicants must include a swimsuit pic(s) and contact information, and apply here,
OR, Fill out the application and put “staff” as the sponsor code. I will also need you to provide pics in a separate email per the site instructions if you apply on the website. If you are NOT selected to be on our model team staff, you MAY still get invited to participate in the calendar shoots if we think you have potential.


General Testing


I enjoy shooting with new faces for general purposes and testing new locations and equipment. Let me know if you have a concept or location you would like to test. I am always looking to test with make-up artists, stylists, hair stylists, and other professionals.


Bookmark this Page and Check Back for Additional Castings

I am available for assignments internationally and travel to shoot in Atlanta, Nashville, Huntsville, Birmingham, Rome, Knoxville, Pensacola on a regular basis.

If you are interested in testing with me on one of these trips, fill out the form below. Include your name and any alias you go by, your age, physical measurements, availability to shoot and any past modeling experience you have.