Professional Pictures Casting Opportunities

I am constantly doing photo shoots to generate professional pictures, so I ALWAYS need a supply of new faces to shoot with. I have several projects going concurrently, as well as stock photography creation. Primarily, I am interested in collaborating with talent from Chattanooga, Atlanta, Nashville, Birmingham, Huntsville, Rome Ga, Knoxville, and Pensacola.

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I have limited time available for testing with models to try new lighting, background, equipment, concepts, etc.) so I’m not experimenting on a client’s dime. The model gets valuable modeling experience, fresh photographs, and (based on his/her performance) consideration for paid client assignments as they arise. I only hire models who have demonstrated that they are reliable and can actually do the work. In some cases, a non-refundable deposit may be required to secure the time and date of a test shoot (to cut down on no-shows), but I can provide 20 edited web-ready images from the test shoot to compensate the model for her time in a trade scenario. I am happy to provide a reference for any model who tests with me and does a satisfactory job. I strongly believe in networking with other talent.

How do you know when testing is an option versus paying me to shoot with you? Just ask. If I feel like you can add something to my portfolio, I will seriously consider testing with you. If you are wanting to shoot a specific look or concept that does NOT add anything I want to include in my portfolio (one of the projects below), you are a paying client. If you want me to do a photo shoot but not show the images to anyone, you are a paying client.

Since 2006 C-HEADS Magazine shows a snapshot of youth culture. It is reflective of the style I shoot.


I shoot high-quality lifestyle images for use in magazines and on websites, as well as advertorial and advertising purposes. These premium images are made available for commercial licensing. I target quality, established publications around the world as well as cool new arrivals to the scene. Picture buyers are looking for images for major features, covers, posters, packaging, branding, and digital media for website branding and content, plus mobile/cell content. Sometimes I contact the publications directly to submit, other times they select imagery via my image syndication agency. Because I am a copywriter and videographer as well as a photographer, an interview on video and a written article may be a necessary part of our collaboration.

I occasionally shoot with established talents who want to jointly submit spec shoots for consideration. Please view my mood board for some of the concepts I am interested in creating. When contacting me, please include your physical stats as well as your social media stats. Feel free to download a copy of my model release for inspection prior to agreeing to do a photo shoot.


In the competitive field of photography, I find that I need to constantly update my website and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.) with fresh content or risk being forgotten. Any models interested in trading content for this promotional purpose are encouraged to contact me about testing. I also submit occasional content to websites that feature models.


I have occasional need for models for advertising images for billboards, print campaigns, web banner ads, and point of sale displays. These are primarily in the areas of advertising alcohol products, skin and body care products, and clothing of all types. Typically, a very specific look is needed for these types of shoots, which can dictate who I can choose to use.



Personal Fine Art Project: Objects of Desire

An ongoing fine-art project based on the concept of beauty as a double-edged sword — it is both a gateway of perks and the source of unwanted attention. Using my skill and experience as a journalist, I photograph and interview various women from different walks of life with one common aspect: Their feminine allure.

I endeavor to explore their worlds as an outsider looking in, to see the perks and the problems of the male gaze from their perspective. Their beauty affects everyone around them, from the hordes who treat them as a privileged class to those who look upon them as benefactors of an unfair gene pool lottery.

I am looking for women willing to be photographed in an artistic/documentary style and contribute their thoughts on the topic. The eventual format for this will likely be a website and print gallery. I am attempting to say something with this project, which is deeper artistically than most of the commercial work I do.

Fit Modern Woman

Fit and happy

In 2001, I created a website called that sold to a company based in California, leading to a five year job as the editor of I am looking to repeat the success of Mensclick by creating another website focused on fitness and achieving balance in life. is a project I am now shooting for. It involves being interviewed and photographed for a feature article and pictorial. Obviously, fitness is critical to your involvement on this, as well as an openness to share your personal story of how you pursue harmony in career, family, relationships, spirituality, and nutrition/fitness.

Fine Art Book Project

lingerie artbook

I am working on a virtual “Coffeetable Art Book” style eBook that explores the history and seductive allure of lingerie. Models interested in posing for this project need to be comfortable with their bodies, in excellent physical fitness, and generally uninhibited about exploring their sensuality. The style is tasteful, fun and sexy, photographed in a variety of settings with natural light, running the spectrum from full-on glamour to portraiture to fine-art black and white. My goal is to create something beautiful rather than exploitive or raunchy. To achieve that, I need collaborators who understand my intent and trust me to make them look amazing and classy.


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If you are interested in testing with me on one of these trips, fill out the form below. Include your name and any alias you go by, your age, physical measurements, availability to shoot and any past modeling experience you have.

Note: I have ended my association with the Classmate USA Spring Break Swimsuit Calendar. I will be pursuing work with other calendars going forward.