Amazing Amy: Third Time’s a Charm

Saturday was my third attempt to connect with Amy, a beautiful nurse from Alabama who I met on Instagram. The first time we were scheduled to do a photo shoot, I ended up in the hospital (not with her as my nurse). The second time… I can’t remember exactly, but there was some other intervention of fate that kept us apart.

The night before we finally met in person, my apartment building caught on fire and nine fire trucks responded. It seemed like our shoot was cursed.

Chattanooga Model Shoot

But on that bright, beautiful day in September when flames, hurricanes, earthquakes, and even college football could no longer keep us apart, she looked just as ravishing stepping out of her car as she does stepping out of her car on her Instagram timeline.

sexy woman

We had a blast doing these images in downtown Chattanooga. She was adorable waddling from spot to spot in formalwear and a black dress with stiletto heels on Chattanooga’s uneven sidewalks. I was so nervous she was going to stumble and skin up her sexy kneecaps; the things a guy has to do just to get a beautiful lady to hold his hand. LOL

hot blonde in tight dress

For this particular look, we used the Passageways art exhibit at 730 Cherry Street in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

sexy middle aged woman

There are actually four such exhibits, but this one is called “Garden Grass”.


“Grass Garden Inversion” is the suspension of locally sourced bamboo from high tension cables spanning the alley.

blonde hottie model

The lower portion of bamboo hangs freely producing movement and sound.

sexy mother

Creating a gathering spot unlike any other, added lighting will create dynamic shadowing at night.

Chattanooga photography

“Grass Garden Inversion” was created by Team GFB that includes Brad Shelton, Matt Sears, Craig Peavy, and Patrick Ryan.

Chattanooga model photography

“Passageways: Activating the Urban Alley through Architecture” was presented by AIA Tennessee and the River City Company is a community outreach project of the 2016 AIA Tennessee State Convention.

Chattanooga model photographer

It makes for a very intriguing setting for photos.

Chattanooga architecture

We shot some other looks at alternative locations around Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Chattanooga public art

We also shot some looks by the new mural at Chattanooga Workspace, as well as the garden there.

Chattanooga alleyways

The Episcopal church next door to my apartment was a beautiful setting for other photos.

Chattanooga TN photo locations

I’ll save those images for another time.

sensual ladies

Third time was a charm with the gorgeous Amy.

skinny blonde model

I’m hoping there will be a fourth. I’d love to shoot with her anytime.

stiflers mom

If you know her, be sure to tell her how great she looks in the photos. I gotta say, it’s mostly her.

bamboo art

It was a great experience shooting with Amy. She seems like a fabulous lady, beautiful and fun.

unsigned alabama model