An Amazing Weekend as Auburn Wins

This is a post (originally published 12/2/2015) that I recovered from my old website. It brings back fond memories as we approach the 2015 college football season…

Headline from New York Post
Auburn has the greatest ending in sports history.

What a wild weekend! And I thought the end of the Georgia game was amazing!

Yesterday was the 2013 Iron Bowl, and my alma mater, Auburn University, defeated the No. 1 team in the country, our hated rivals, the Alabama Crimson Tide. Now we turn our attention to beating Missouri in the SEC Championship Game next weekend in Atlanta.

As soon as I find a time machine, I’m gonna go back to the third quarter of the 2012 Iron Bowl and see how many Bama fans I can bet $10,000 that Auburn (which was 3-8 and getting whipped 49-0 at the time) will win at least 11 games the following season and win the next Iron Bowl 34-28 after returning a missed field goal. They’ll either think I am a sucker or have me committed!

What a magical season this has been. Critics say we are merely lucky. Perhaps that bobbled ball that we caught and ran in against Georgia was a fluke, but those guys in Auburn worked hard on their conditioning and adopted a winning attitude.

But yeah, we’re lucky. We are lucky to love something as historic and amazing as Auburn University. We’re lucky we didn’t hire Lane Kiffin or Bobby Petrino to coach our team. We’re lucky the coach we did hire is an offensive genius and costs a fraction of what Bama pays Nick Saban.

The new BCS poll was announced tonight. Auburn sits at the No. 3 position behind No. 1 Florida State and No. 2 Ohio State, both of whom are undefeated as of yet. Some were arguing on ESPN that Auburn deserves to leapfrog over Ohio State because Auburn has had a far more challenging schedule and Ohio State let Michigan gain something like 400 yards on them Saturday. Get outta our way!

To be in the BCS National Championship Game again, just three years removed from winning it in 2010, would be amazing. But first, let’s get past Missouri!

War Eagle!

Update: An Alabama fan has started an online petition pushing for overtime to be played while another has circulated a clearly Photoshopped image of Chris Davis stepping out of bounds while running Bama’s missed field goal back for a TD to win Saturday’s Iron Bowl. Ugh.

Photoshopped photo
Indisputable photographic proof that Chris Davis was out of bounds Saturday night! Photos don’t lie, right?


I won’t lump them all together because a lot of Bama supporters have offered congratulations and moved on graciously, but those who can’t accept losing are just sore losers! It’s really a shame that they’ve taken it this far. It damages the Crimson Tide brand to appear so spoiled that even your coach’s wife berates you.

Here’s a thought: Maybe our state would get attention for things other than just football and tornadoes if those folks poured the same concern and passion into petitioning to replace our 112-year-old state constitution, fixing our schools, prisons, and mental health systems. But I guess pushing to promote economic development, protect the environment, or reduce inequality requires more effort than hollering and slobbering about sour grapes.

Winning national championships doesn’t negate those other problems, it merely distracts from them!

Meanwhile, college kids are getting death threats from their own fan base and people are getting shot and killed because others do not feel they are sufficiently upset about Alabama losing a football game!

Lord, our priorities are SO messed up.