Bex Bella: Bellissimo!

I did a shoot today with a longtime and frequent collaborator, the model who goes by the name Bex Bella.

This was her comeback shoot after suffering a serious injury in an auto accident last fall. I’m honored that she trusted me to ease her back into the biz. She will do a good bit of promotional modeling this summer at various events, so if you see her, be sure to tell her you saw her photos by me.

For this photo shoot, I told her the concept was “the girlfriend.” Imagining a day with one’s young, beautiful significant other, playful and flirty. Women should look at these photos and wish they were her. Men should look at them and wish they had her heart. I think we came close to capturing that in this set.

I look forward to shooting with Bex again later this year. We have hippie chick and fitness shoots planned already.