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What Services Does Steven Stiefel Offer?


includes photographing a variety of things, including:

Chattanooga TN Catalog Photography

Food Photography

A beautifully presented dish at a restaurant that needs to go on social media channels to generate dinner reservations at a client’s business. Or a catalog of tasty treats aimed at picking up more vendor/distributors for increased market share.

Real Estate Photography

Images and/or video showcasing a property that’s newly available on the market or being featured in a showcase of some sort. I’m experienced creating 360-degree virtual tours that can be uploaded to a Google listing and other directories. I’ve also worked with various companies on Architectural photography of structures and creating photographic documentation of assets and project management.

Stock Photography

Perhaps you have a need for a quality image to go on a website or a brochure, but you can’t justify going to the expense of hiring a photographer just to come out to your office and take photos. That’s where Stock comes in to save the day with affordably-priced generic images that illustrate various concepts.

Urban Street Style with Zack Galloway

Model Portfolios

I’ve worked with talent agencies who are tasked with connecting clients with models, actors, dancers, and other performers. I create the high-quality images needed to showcase their skills and experience so they can be hired for commercial jobs of their own. From beginners to seasoned pros who simply need to update their headshot, I work with them all to create these promotional marketing materials.


Legion Field Birmingham AL

While I primarily deal with businesses, I also offer several categories of portrait services directly to consumers:


Maybe you need a flattering, professional head & shoulders photograph for your company business card or an advertisement. Perhaps you want something that’s going to stand out on your social media or dating website profiles. I can help you to achieve something that’s classic, fun, and memorable. Professional Make-Up Artist service is available to help you look your absolute best!

High School Senior Portraits

This was once my bread and butter. I don’t do as much now, but I still love connecting with young men and women on the occasion of nearing the completion of their high school experience. I try to create something special: spending time with them and getting to know their interests and personality in a way that the “official school photographer” can’t possibly match when doing their assembly-line pictures. Your child may be required to go to them for the drape photo for the yearbook, but there’s no obligation for you to use that for the photos they give out to their friends and insert into their graduation invitations.

Family & Children’s Portraiture

There’s nothing more precious than the people we love. I enjoy capturing these bonds in beautiful, expressive portrait that’s classic, fun, wacky, and cherished.

Roses Boudoir Photo Shoot

Romantic Boudoir Portraits

This niche category of photography draws on my skill in working to put someone at ease and capture his or her best angles as we work together to create stylized, expressive portraits intended for presentation to someone special as a birthday or anniversary gift, perhaps a Valentine’s present, sometimes done with no one else in mind but to celebrate a body enhancement, weight loss, etc. I usually have a female make-up artist and/or assistant on the set to put a client’s mind at ease and help with adjusting straps, stray hairs, etc. Once the photos are done, professional photo retouching completes the assignment to achieve stunning results.


girls' getaway

Online Publishing

My background is in the publishing field, first as a newspaper reporter and editor, then the editor of a lifestyle website that ranked 2nd in the world in its category in terms of traffic generation. Today, I create and manage editorial properties on the web that provide a platform for entertaining and informing niche audiences of consumers. I have also expanded into publishing fine art and how-to eBooks that can be customized to a variety of niche topics and given away in exchange for email addresses to build a database of contacts.

fine art photographer John Dersham

Press Kit Creation

Maybe you’re the best thing since sliced bread, but what does it matter if no one knows? I use my skills and experience in photography and marketing to craft a package of information that helps establish you have something special worth coverage. Whether you’re just wanting a press release to get shared or need a polished presentation to get sponsors or raise funds, I’m here to help give your cause a boost!

Lifestyle Photography

This is stock photography’s cousin, of sorts. Rather than shooting with no specific client in mind, this is typically an editorial assignment that may be tied to a feature about a specific personality. For years, I have photographed and/or art directed such photo shoots for various newspapers, websites, etc., often using my background as a journalist to create a package that includes an interview and video footage. Such content may be produced on assignment or by spec in hopes of getting picked up for distribution by an outlet needing content. My style of fashion, glamour and portrait photography targets this specific aesthetic. I also do assignments shooting fashion shows, swimwear calendars, etc.

I work very closely with Riverworks Marketing Group in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This full-service digital agency offers a range of marketing services that pair well with my photography – from management of social media channels to website creation and hosting, as well as graphic design for print materials such as brochures, etc. I can highly recommend these very talented people for your larger marketing needs.


My camera is not merely an instrument for work. It is a tool for artistic expression. I have personal projects I shoot for, both for enjoyment and working toward producing images that collectors can admire and appreciate.

My Fine Art Photography includes…

Landscape Photography

I capture “scenes” with an eye on not merely recording how a place looks. Any tourist can do that. I attempt to evoke the feel of a place so others can experience it for themselves.


Fine Art Portraiture
I bring the artistic sensibility to portrait photography, aiming to present a rich, full range of the human experience, from the simplistic to the sensual. My catalog of images varies from the weathered wrinkles of an old man’s face to the soft flesh and beautiful curves of a woman. For me, both have the capacity to express our shared humanity and inspire the viewer to feel something.

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