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fund my crowdfunding endeavor

I decided to try this crowdfunding thing to potentially fund a longtime project I’ve been wanting to do. If you appreciate my work and might want to throw in a few dollars for the cause, the link is

Here’s the rub: I used to travel a good bit for work, flying between Alabama and California. But those trips, exclusively by airliner, ended in 2010 when the television network I worked for sold to a new buyer and I was laid off.

These days, I pretty much stick close to home. In 2007, I was a guest photographer and judge on a reality TV show called “Best of the Best 3”. As such, I got to experience the California/Nevada desert near the community of Primm. The light out there and the terrain was life-changing as far as my photography.

I want to have the resources to travel by auto across the great American southwest. I want to have the freedom to explore while visiting the essentials like Yosemite and Devil’s Tower. I want to bring my unique perspective to this extended photo safari the same way I have with the American Southeast during my many years as a photojournalist and landscape photographer.

I am asking for your assistance to help me acquire the experience of my lifetime so I can return with beautiful images to share with you.