Exhibition Celebrates Steven Stiefel’s Photography

Many thanks to the people who visited the Fort Payne Iron & Coal Building this weekend for my photography exhibit, “Moving Places”. I appreciate those who took the time to come by and take a look at my enlarged prints. I would have liked a larger attendance, but there was so much going on this weekend, from the Fiddlers Convention to the Relay for Life to the Mayberry event in Valley Head to it just being great weather to go to the river instead.

Since so many of my friends live out of town, I thought I’d share some photos from the exhibition. Each of the aluminum prints were accompanied by a card explaining why the location in the photo has been particularly moving to me on an emotional level.

If you like these prints and want to own one for your home or office, you can browse my fine-art gallery at https://stevenstiefel.smugmug.com/Commercial/Art-for-Sale/ at any time. I hope you’ll take a moment to look at that gallery and consider making a purchase.

Much gratitude to Russell Gulley, Director of the Big Wills Arts Council, as well as Fort Payne Mayor Larry Chesser, the Fort Payne City Council, and those who appreciate the arts in my hometown.

Text and images by Steven Stiefel
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