Geoffrey McGowen Portrait

Geoffrey McGowen

This week I did a portrait shoot with Geoff McGowen, a Nurse Practitioner at Erlanger Health System here in Chattanooga TN. It was a privilege to photograph Geoffrey McGowen, who works to maintain and preserve health and wellness in his patients, as well as preventing and treating both chronic and acute illness and injury. While we were shooting, we talked about the medical profession and my work in social media. He seems like a great guy and has a genuine interest in the welfare of his patients. The aim of this photo shoot was to capture a day in the life of a medical professional.

I have so much respect for doctors and nurses. The amount of education needed is staggering, as well as the responsibility they take on daily. Think about it: Our lives are in their hands! It is reassuring to know that there are people like Geoffrey Patrick McGowen applying their knowledge and experience to improving human lives.

To learn more about Geoff, visit his LinkedIn Page and his web site.

Geoffrey McGowen displays equipment
Geoffrey McGowen showcases the equipment in the office.


Geoff McGowen portrait
I like to pose people doing things they would normally be doing in the course of their day.


Geoffrey Patrick Mcgowen
Geoffrey Patrick Mcgowen shows that the phone is another tool of the medical profession. Indeed, good communication is core to good care.


Geoffrey P Mcgowen
The final look of my portrait shoot with Geoffrey P Mcgowen incorporated the Erlanger East Hospital in the surroundings.