Glamour Photoshoot: Dallas

Glamour Photoshoot: Dallas

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I just did another glamour photoshoot with another frequent collaborator, Alabama model Dallas.

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She’s quite a lovely woman as you can see here for yourself.

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It’s been fun to watch her development as a model, working promotional events on the weekends and photo shoots like the one she’s doing this weekend in Georgia.

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Dallas has a great interest in and talent for makeup artistry. She’s always done her own makeup.

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We did this glamour photoshoot to update her headshot, which is a model’s signature calling card, often appearing online and in comp cards shown to potential clients who are looking for faces to use in TV commercials, print ads, etc.

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I am so appreciative to have a great model like Dallas practically in my own backyard, so to speak.

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I’ve actually lost track of how many times we’ve worked together now. She is one of my go-to models when I have an idea I want to explore or an assignment needing a model. Modeling is definitely more challenging than it looks. One has to put herself out there and become a bit of a performer. As I have experienced over and over again, the more that a photographer and model collaborate, the better and better the results turn out.

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I can definitely recommend her for modeling work. She knows how to move independently of direction and gets how to emote on camera. She’s done a great job nutritionally, sticking to an organic diet, she says.

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She’s also expanding into speaking roles. We shot a demo reel for her to use promotionally as well.

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I love the idea that one of “my” models finds success and appears on TV or print ads.

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I use the term “my” affectionately. I am not a model agency director, but I do work with some of them. I see myself in more of a fatherly or big brother role when someone chooses to collaborate with me.

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I tend to be a bit protective. I want to refer people on to be successful, but hopefully I can guide them past some of the potholes and predators out there in the biz.

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I’ve known some photographers who can become quite territorial when it comes to “their” models. One guy I knew in Huntsville went on an online tirade when a model he favored chose to shoot with a guy he considered to be a rival photographer. Well, they had a photo shoot scheduled after her shoot with the other guy, but it ran over because, well, shit happens. The guy lost his mind a bit for a few hours, typing all of this crazy stuff about how the other photographer was a selfish jerk who intentionally “stole” her away. Needless to say, his rep took a bit of a bruising after everyone in that artistic community of models and photographers looked at him as being a bit eccentric after that.

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I know, I know… Cool story, bro.

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This photo shoot with Dallas also gave me an opportunity to test some new gear I recently acquired.

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It’s always good to have a model who is understanding and patient when you are trying to figure out the settings and how it all works.

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As a photographer, you certainly don’t want to do that in a pressure situation like a commercial shoot where time is money. Testing is a great opportunity to do a trial run and figure things out.

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Thanks to Dallas for being my muse on this particular day.

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I wish her much success as she continues on her professional journey in the business.

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