Heading Back to New Orleans is Sweet

Neon sign on Bourbon Street

I’m long overdue to visit N’awlins, but I’m headed back.

I’m set to travel to New Orleans for the 2017 Sugar Bowl. My alma mater, Auburn University, is ranked #17 and will play #7 Oklahoma at the Mercedes Benz Superdome. I haven’t been in the Big Easy since December 2013, so it’s good to get back and have some fun with fellow Auburn folks. I’ll be down there with my sister’s good friend Carol.

I have fond memories of being an Auburn student and spending New Year’s Eve in 1988 and 1989 on Bourbon Street. In those games, we tied Syracuse and lost on a last second end zone interception by Deion Sanders. My Tigers have made 6 appearances at the Sugar Bowl.

I really should visit New Orleans more regularly. It’s not THAT long of a drive from my neck of the woods and a straight shot down Interstate 59. This place is close to my heart. I’ve enjoyed amazing fun times there with some of my closest pals. My sister will never let me live down posing for a picture with “Coco”, a beautiful transvestite. I’ll never let her live down getting a separated shoulder after smarting off to the people in the next room and getting caught in the center of a spontaneous brawl between testosterone-fueled college boys.

It is also where I spent my honeymoon week. Funny story: My new bride and I decided we wanted to get a couple’s massage during that trip. We looked up a random spot near our hotel in the Yellow Pages (this was pre-Google) and went up the stairs, expecting a normal place. A small Asian woman in cheesy lingerie cracked the door open, saw my then-wife and acted as if we were suspicious. “One hundred twenty dolla for both of you!” she screamed. We quickly decided that newlyweds weren’t her standard clientele. For years, I could do that thick-accented impersonation and get a grin out of Jenny.

On another trip, we arrived just as that “Who dat?” expression started becoming popular around the Saints. We don’t really have an NFL team in Alabama, so my allegiance is torn between the dirty birds and the Saints. Saints fans seem pretty cool.

Generally, I love the music, the food, the antiques, the colorful street people, the culture, the history, the architecture, and of course, the liquor-fueled debauchery. New Orleans is the only place on Earth where a church mission group walks up to you and asks why you don’t have a drink in your hand yet! True story… No trip there is complete without stopping by Pat O’Briens and getting one of those curvy glasses with a Hurricane.

Anyway, this development gives me an excuse to publish some of my past images from New Orleans. Enjoy…

New Orleans
Jackson Square in New Orleans LA


New Orleans LA
New Orleans LA


New Orleans Louisiana
Jackson Square in New Orleans Louisiana


New Orleans Louisiana
The intersection of Orleans and Bourbon Streets in New Orleans Louisiana


As for the Auburn game, I’m hopeful our quarterback and several of our players who were hurt going into the Iron Bowl will be somewhat healed and more prepared to play. Losing to Bama sucked, but I’m still tickled with how Auburn’s season turned out overall. Any Auburn fans reading this, hit me up if you’re planning to be in NOLA. The more the merrier!

War Eagle! Beat Oklahoma!

What’s your favorite New Orleans story? Email me or comment.