Lightning Round: Catching Up on Current Events

This is an especially fascinating time to be alive.

I’ve been bad. I’ve neglected this blog over the last month, failing to post when so many important things in my life and the world have been happening. To catch up, let’s do a lightning round…

College Football

Man, the last month of the regular season was AMAZING. My alma mater, the Auburn Tigers, defeated the No. 1 team in the country twice over three weeks. To beat Georgia and Alabama is amazing. Unfortunately, we had to play Georgia again in the SEC Championship and lost because the Bama defense injured our star running back. We’re all set to play undefeated UCF in the Peach Bowl on New Year’s Day. It was great to see Auburn as the No. 2 in the country after beating Bama, and I wish we were contending for the National Championship, but I’m happy that we did as well as we did, especially after losing earlier in the year and pretty much dismissing any possibility of getting as far as we did.


I’ve started another online magazine similar to what I did with That sideline project, back in 2003, led to me getting my dream job at Savvy, so I’m following the model for what has brought me success in the past. It also gives me focus to pursue the type of photography I want to do while hopefully giving models and fellow photographers and writers a venue for sharing their creativity. I don’t know that the new website will make that big of a splash, but I’m going to give it my best effort and see what I can grow. Publishing is still rapidly evolving into new forms, but I want to create, pure and simple.

Star Wars

I’m a total geek for Star Wars (sorry, not sorry) and LOVED the new movie, “The Last Jedi”. I saw it on an IMAX screen here in Chattanooga. Amazing. It was a very long movie. Can’t wait to discuss it with other people once folks have had a chance to see it. When I was in line to see “The Force Awakens”, some punk kid from the previous showing shouting “Han Solo dies” while walking out. He’s lucky he didn’t die for doing that.

Roy Moore and Donald Trump

Much of my time and mind has been invested over the past month to defeating Roy Moore, who was running as the Republican candidate to fill Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ vacant seat in the US Senate. I can’t tell you how elated I am that Moore was defeated. I’ve known the man for years, and he is creepy. He’s also a zealot who will use his defeat to focus the outrage of conservatives on his inevitable gubernatorial campaign. He has run for governor several times and lost at the primary level. Maybe this is the final nail in his political coffin. I wish he would go away and never be heard from again. It would have been humiliating on so many levels if Alabamians had voted to put that bigot in the United States Senate. The discouraging part is that 75% of the white males in my home county voted for Moore.

Speaking of Republicans, they have been very proficiently lately in finding ways to screw the middle class. They are seriously about to borrow over a trillion dollars from the Chinese to give their wealthy donors and big corporations a giant tax cut. The Donald Trump dumpster fire of an administration continues to take our country down a dangerous path. The investigation into Russian interference in our election just keeps producing evidence that these guys planned to use their positions of power to enrich themselves. I am really really worried about the future of our country.

The Holidays

I started my Christmas shopping yesterday at Hamilton Place mall. What a mad-house! Like many of you, I’m looking forward to sharing time with family. I hope that anyone reading this has a great holiday season. Merry Christmas!