Livie Part 2: Adorable Young Hottie

I wanted to share some more images from my photo shoot with Livie, an alternative model I met last weekend. This set is very different from the first look I shared, which was very classically romantic. Here, we explored a different side of her personality, which is wonderfully playful and girly. She is an absolutely adorable young woman, as you can see. I kept telling her to look at her boyfriend or say his name, which would cause her to break into a huge smile. To be 18 and in love!

I’m in love with her unique hairstyle. We originally tried to get her natural hair color, but I think I like this better. She chose her outfit for this set, which was meant to tell the story of her settling in and feeling at ease in their new home. I’m excited for them and rather envious of their cool house and being so young and free. Green hair? Don’t care! I may live vicariously through their Facebook status updates this summer. LOL

I hope you enjoy these photos. They were fun to shoot.

adorable hottie
adorable young hottie


Thanks, Livie, for giving me permission to share these photos with my readers.
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