Lovely Lexie

I recently did another photo shoot with Lexie E, a stunning blonde originally from up north who is studying college here in the Deep South. We shot these images at sunset on the back deck of a beautiful mountain brow estate in Mentone, Alabama. It was a cold day, and we styled her look for the shoot to accommodate the gusty wind and chill of a late December afternoon.

Who says a girl has to show a bunch of flesh to be sexy?! That smile and those eyes are all this young lady needs to melt hearts.

I’m really hoping I get to collaborate with Lexie some more — under less teeth-chattering conditions.

Her look in this photo set evokes the story of a beautiful young woman embracing winter style and finding relief in the absence of summer’s sweltering heat. We had such an unseasonably warm autumn, we can’t really complain that it’s now cold outside. This is nature’s annual dance, the deep slumber before spring’s awakening. I’m not a fan of wintertime — the short days and unpredictable temperatures make it very difficult to plan photo shoots — but getting a model as good as Lexie to shoot with makes it all a little more bearable to endure.

I’m wanting to replace much of my portfolio in 2017 with new content. Here’s looking forward to a great year and all of the collaborations that lie ahead.