Model Portfolio: Kori

I did this recent photo shoot with new model Kori. We connected at the Mentone Brow Park on the Alabama/Georgia state line right at sunset to use the colorful sky as a background. As you can see here, Kori is quite beautiful and photogenic. We did a combination of fashion and swimwear looks in the short time we had. Her boyfriend joined in on some of the images.

Kori Lankster-8632

Kori needed these shots for her portfolio as she prepares to travel to Miami Beach to try her hand at modeling in South Beach, one of my favorite spots for shooting with models. I think she has a pretty good chance of doing well.

Kori Lankster-8740-2

I attempted some different styles and looks on this shoot, from artistic black and white to editorial fashion.


Kori Lankster-8680b

Kori Lankster-8641

Kori Lankster-8078

Kori Lankster-8242b

Kori Lankster-8294

sexy girl in bikini

Kori Lankster-8501