My Favorite Black and White Photography

I have a special affection for black and white photography. In thinking of ways to present my various work to you, I thought I would do a special post dedicated to monochrome images that I think best represent my best work as a professional photographer.

Chattanooga TN photographer

Black and white photography is supposed to make us FEEL something. It strips away the distractions of color and captures the essence of moments and faces. Above, an image from my friend Lisa’s wedding where her daughter Josee looked like a princess in a matching gown. Below, the sensuality of swimwear modeled by Tara Lynn.

Chattanooga TN model photography

I love the photo below of my daughter, Miranda, and her chihuahua puppy Isabel.

Steven Stiefel Photographer

Black and white seems to accentuate textures as in this photo of model Stephanie.

Alabama model photographer Steven Stiefel

On one of my trips to California, I roamed out and found this spot in a state park where the light seemed to roll around the hills.

Photographer Steven Stiefel

Below, model Marissa looks amazing as the black and white isolates the patterns and textures of this dark-haired beauty.

Chattanooga TN portrait photographers

Same with this image (below) of model Zack Galloway at Ross’s Landing in Chattanooga TN.

Urban Street Style with Zack Galloway

The monochromatic aspect of this portrait (below) seems to make model Erika express a sense of intimacy.

Chattanooga tn boudoir photographers

Black and white also serves this portrait of bartender Tommy from Hair of the Dog Pub in Chattanooga Tn. His amazing beard and tattoos are part of his intensity.

Chattanooga tn fine art photographers

The same image below, when in color, just fails to capture the relation of her body to the mountains behind her.

Chattanooga TN model portfolios

The image of the train tracks was used for the cover of a novel. Found this place in the middle of nowhere while lost driving home one time.

Atlanta model photographers

Below, possibly my favorite Black and white image of hay bales.

Nashville model photographers

Model Dallas takes on intensity and the aesthetics of story thanks to the magic of black and white.

Birmingham model photographers

This singer moves with an air of drama thanks to black and white. I usually shoot in color and convert to BW in post processing.

Chattanooga TN publicity photographers

Fashion photography in black and white captures the storytelling aspect while highlighting textures.

Fort Payne photographers

elegant fashion photographers

Below, the 630 rumbles past the Fort Payne Depot on its way to Gadsden from Chattanooga.

Alabama fine art photographer Steven Stiefel

Chattanooga TN stock photographers

Below, American flags at a makeshift memorial for Chattanooga’s “Fallen Five” killed in a terrorist attack.

Chattanooga TN photojournalists

Black and white removes the distraction of color to highlight the action of movement.

lifestyle photography

When I first started out as a rookie reporter at a daily newspaper in my hometown, we shot everything with a 35mm Canon AE1, usually with TMax 400 rolled in bulk in reusable canisters. That’s where I really fell in love with photography, watching the shades of gray magically appear in a tray.

stock photographer Steven Stiefel

Black and white inherently expresses vintage scenes.

Alabama nature photographers

I shoot an eclectic mix of lifestyle imagery, landscapes, editorial, photojournalism, and portraits. This collection reflects how my subject matter can range, from local scenes to exotic locales with gorgeous models.

Atlanta fashion photographers

Chattanooga TN photographers for hire

beautiful model

Above, model Lexie Eyman looks like something out of a dream in this editorial lifestyle shoot. Below, the gorgeous Costa Rican model Karla Arce, photographed in Cancun, Mexico.

exotic model photography

The image below is of Alois Schweda, a polish Immigrant who was forced to fight for the Nazis in WWII. His face tells the story of a lifetime of weariness.

Alabama photojournalists

On the opposite end of the emotional spectrum, model Breezy takes a moment to be zany on the set.

Chattanooga TN headshot photographers

Below, another wedding image. Black and white can capture emotion with such clarity.

Chattanooga TN wedding photographers

black and white photographers

Above, photographer John Dersham with his 8×10 View Camera. This image was used to promote one of his exhibitions.

And finally, this lifestyle image of an attractive couple in a dramatic stance.

Atlanta lifestyle photographers