On the Mend

Hamming it up while riding it out.

Wouldn’t you just know it?… I had two photo shoots lined up this weekend with two amazingly gorgeous models and ended up spending nearly all of that time in the hospital!

I went to the ER at Parkridge East Hospital after waking up with a dull pain in my side. No matter which side I turned on, I could not get comfortable. I won’t get into the gory specifics of my full malady, but I went there after concluding that this was no mere tummy ache. I worried about my appendix.

After about four hours in the ER, they admitted me to a room for an overnight stay. I had to drink a gallon of this nasty stuff to clear me out before a 10 am colonoscopy. That’s right. I was anally probed. While under anesthesia, thankfully.

They found some things and did the ole snip snip. They also did a CT scan of my kidney and made the judgment that I have a cyst rather than a mass. That seemed to be critically important to whether I should worry about it.

I’m feeling better now, a day after returning to my apartment. Obviously, I am able to type this so I am going to try to get some work done from here today. Still very groggy from the anesthesia, which I called the “Michael Jackson stuff” before I passed out like a rock two seconds later.

Thank you to all those who saw something about this on social media and sent well wishes and prayers. I hope this is the last time I am hospitalized for a long long while.

I would ask that you please turn your prayers now to my former brother-in-law, who was hospitalized the same day in the same city. He has suffered a stroke. Very tragic considering he is even younger than I am.

The developments are very eye-opening. I intend to take better care of myself, eating better and getting more exercise.