Partisans and Patriots: The State of the Union

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Two hundred and forty-one years ago, our great nation declared its independence from a tyrant who taxed us and reigned over our colonies without our consent or input into our destinies as a people. Since that time, America has endured many triumphs and tragedies. We’ve had moments of shame and suffering in which we did not live up to our ideals, but the inherent goodness as a people have led many of us to feel a deep devotion to preserving our union and the freedoms it represents. Men and women have fought and died to keep America what it is.

This Fourth of July, I am very worried about America. I worry that we are losing our grasp on those ideals and freedoms, scared into blind, obedient consent to the corrupt will of other tyrants. Evil men keep us scared of boogeymen who cannot possibly destroy our country, yet our fear keeps us at each others’ throats so we are distracted from their acts to rob us of our treasury.

I haven’t written much about our new president, mostly because I sadly realize that it won’t do any good. People I love and respect seem to love and respect a race-baiting misogynistic advocate of torture who lies about even small things. They either don’t realize or don’t care that Donald Trump is a huge embarrassment to the country. He is inciting the worst in us, behaving like a spoiled child. Forget about his massive conflicts of interest (I assume some level of cronyism and corruption come with the office) — I worry about the man’s competence and his mental state. The person who controls our nuclear arsenal can be baited with criticism and seems obsessed to focus on trivial matters rather than the life or death matters that come with being the leader of the free world. I worry that he is encouraging others who may not share our values to take that leadership role. From my perspective, every day that Donald Trump is president of the United States is a day when the country is in peril. I’ve disagreed with previous candidates and presidents from the other party, but I’ve never before feared that their rule would come at the cost of millions of lives.

I hope that America is not lost to this new tyrant and that we can remain united under our more noble ideals rather than shattered by the divisions that enable those with power to exploit those who are powerless.