Photo Shoot: Dallas from Alabama

beautiful girl by swimming pool

I did a photo shoot this week with a new model, Dallas Burns. Below are some of the images from the shoot…

attractive blonde

I found her on Instagram and thought she had a fantastic face.

attractive blonde girl in dress

A couple of days after we did this shoot, Dallas drove to Atlanta to meet with an agency.

black and white portrait of attractive girl

She had modeled some previously for a catalog. I could tell she had some experiencing in moving and took direction very well.

black and white portrait of intense beauty

She gave me a variety of expressions, but, as you can probably tell, my favorite look was a bit mysterious.

hot girl sunbathing by pool

We did this photo shoot at my home in Fort Payne, Alabama.

portrait of a sensitive beauty

It’s been extremely hot so far this summer. Highs in the 90s as we shot this. Felt good to take a dip in the swimming pool to cool off.

blonde girl in pool

I told Dallas to give me attitude in her expressions, to portray that classic beauty who men desire and women wish they could be…

black and white photo of beautiful blonde

This photo shoot nearly didn’t happen because of some complications in scheduling, but I’m happy it did. I was very pleased with the quality and quantity of useable images from the session.

sexy girl side boob smoking

Dallas was game to emulate some of the images I liked on Instagram of sensual beauties in moments of story.

sexy girl sitting by pool

We tried to achieve a bit of sexiness while keeping things tasteful.

hot blonde black and white

I loved editing these images and playing with different effects and tones. Her blonde hair works well with black and white.

beautiful girl in swimming pool

Well, that’s enough commentary, I guess. I’ll leave you with the rest of the best from that day…

bathing beauty by pool

hot blonde babe in swimsuit

hottie in swimsuit

beautiful blonde with tattoo

statuesque blonde model

blonde beauty in swimsuit