Project: Lingerie Coffeetable Art Book

‘Lingerie’ Coffeetable Art eBook

(Category: Boudoir/Fine-Art)

Artistic, elegant images of women in lingerie, from comfy cotton to sensual black lace, capturing moods from playful to erotic. It’s about fashion that is as diverse and sophisticated as the women and men who wear it.

Each image is accompanied by a quote from a famous figure talking about the appeal of undergarments. Want to showcase a range of styles, from vintage to hipster to androygenous to classic fashion.


Bedroom, Bathroom, Hotels, Pool/Patio.

Specific Image Ideas:

  • Models putting on makeup,
  • lounging in bed on a lazy Sunday,
  • flirting with someone,
  • painting toenails,
  • reacting with shock or surprise while caught being naughty,
  • reading a book,
  • playing a video game,
  • singing with a hairbrush microphone,
  • getting a tattoo or showing one off,
  • posing for a voyeur off-camera,
  • taking a selfie,
  • doing a webcam show,
  • sleeping,
  • dancing in the living room to a song on headphones,
  • enjoying the warmth of a fireplace or sunshine through a window,
  • being exhibitionistic in the back seat of a taxi/Uber ride,
  • hints of black lace underneath a crisp white blouse at work,
  • pinching belly while assessing body in mirror,
  • seductively surprising a man at his door in a long coat with just lingerie and heels underneath,
  • trying on lingerie in a dressing room or browsing at a point-of-sale display.

Some photos will be looking into and playing with the camera, but most will be editorial scenes depicting the model portraying a character. I love the idea of telling a story.


Matching and non-matching bra and panties, ranging from simple cotton to sophisticated lingerie that would work as fashion to be worn on the outside.

Also (suggestions):

  • Holiday-themed and playful novelty lingerie, some of it naughty.
  • Elegant one-piece negligee.
  • Comfy cotton panties with a nightshirt.
  • A silk robe worn over the lingerie.
  • Thongs.
  • Bodysuit.
  • Boy short panties.
  • Classic Garter belt and stockings.
  • Nightgown.
  • Teddies.



Q: I’d love to model for it, but I am afraid I’d be judged by people I know who might see it. 

A: I am sympathetic. I, too, have worried that someone might judge me for taking on a project like this that explores a more erotic sensibility, but I’ve decided to go ahead because I know I am going to create something beautiful, tasteful, and artistic. Something far more than just a peep show of hot girls in barely any clothes. Not all of the images will involve having to pose only in lingerie. I have in mind some ideas that involve black lace showing under a button shirt, for example. Masks to remain anonymous can also be sexy and fun. See-through lingerie is not a prerequisite, either. Some people freak out when they hear the word “lingerie”, although in many instances it covers more flesh than a bikini one might wear to a public beach. If you are thinking that you want to do this but there’s a possibility your daddy, your boyfriend, or your boss will throw a hissy fit, DON’T do it. My aim is for a reasonable person to look at the photos and think, “That’s beautiful” but also think, “That’s Hot…

Q: Is this something you are paying models to pose for?

A: In some instances, based on experience or effort put into preparing, I may be open to discussion since the end goal is a product I can sell. I am more than happy to arrange for a percentage of however many eBooks are sold. Ideally, if I am paying a model, she will be extremely open-minded and comfortable with nudity. Again, it is a discussion that will have to take those factors under consideration. A signed model release is a condition of participating in this project. I want to do some type of look for every photo shoot I do this spring and summer, including trade and test shoots from which I get a signed release.

Q: I’d love to do this, but I don’t look like your models. Do you shoot with regular people?

A: If I could shoot this with the Victoria’s Secret supermodels, I’d sell a ton of eBooks, but I am going to shoot with the best models I can find. And regular women who may have a few more curves than those runway models. Curves are sexy! I’m really looking for all types of people to pose, mostly using their own clothing, which reflects who they are and their comfort level with their own sexuality, what their partner enjoys seeing them wear, etc. Tattoos, piercings, stretch marks, a little pudge… none of this disqualifies you. But I do prefer to work with people who are confident in themselves. Confidence really is the sexiest thing a woman can wear. This is not a woman-only project, btw. I’ve already photographed at least one guy.

Q: How do I participate?

A: Send me an email and specify that you want to. Based on whether we can coordinate our schedules, I might consider using you for a shoot. Ideally, we can shoot at your home or a nicer hotel, the same as with any boudoir photo shoot I do. If you want to hire me to do a shoot from which we might get an image or two I can use for this eBook, I will gladly give you a discount upon signing the model release and letting me know which images you are comfortable allowing me to share.