Shoots I want to do this fall

Going into the fall, I have some very specific photo shoots I want to do:

Halloween Shoot: Model dressed up like a sexy femme fatale killer luring men to their doom, perhaps as a seductive vampire with freaky contact lenses and fangs. Very editorial and theatrical. Perhaps at a creepy location like an abandoned, dilapidated warehouse. I’d like to make it a male-female shoot with the male being obsessed with her even though she’ll be the source of his ruin. That who idea of being fixated on someone who is completely wrong for you. Beyond that, I’d also love to shoot generally when people do a trial run of their Halloween costumes.


Autumn Fashions: I’ve packed a whole lotta swimwear in 2017, and now I am excited to shoot people in Sweaters, stylish coats, etc. I want to shoot against the fall leaves in the daytime and incorporate lights at night-time for an urban vibe. More commercial than editorial.

In Her Space: Model photographed in her house or apartment, just enjoying the things she does in solitude when no one is around. Voyeuristic and editorial, more portraiture than glamour, although she is very sensual in feeling total comfort in her surroundings.

The Cloudy Inside: A portrait study on seasonal depression, shot on an overcast, gloomy day (they’re coming). Capturing the solitude of single life and that feeling of being alone in a crowd.

Lyrics and Images: Pairing images with lyrics from well-known songs, usually with a seductive appeal. The model selects a look that illustrates a “scene” that could be out of the music video for the song.

Autumn Romance: A good looking couple enjoying being outdoors, playing in the leaves, taking selfies, kissing, walking while holding hands, etc. Perhaps some hiking shots.

Lovely in Lingerie: A lingerie shoot with styles ranging from comfy and cozy to intricate and elegant, telling the story of how stylish “unmentionables” frame a woman’s body for various scenarios in her lifestyle – from the everyday utilitarian to the presentation of the body as fine art. Images to be paired with quotes from famous people about lingerie.

Fine-Art Figure Shoot: I am specifically looking for someone who is physically fit and not inhibited about showing off the human body for tasteful, artistic black and white photos. Mostly implied and safe for Instagram, but I’d also love to have some images that would fit in to a gallery display.