Something to Warm You Up This Winter

The temperatures have really dipped here in North Alabama, down into the 20s as I write this. I can’t really complain considering how warm it was this fall. I thought I’d share some images I did in late October on a day when it was 97-degrees. Absolutely brutal conditions to shoot in, but I still preferred to be out there than sitting at home with idle hands. I’m a little sad to see bikini season pass, but it will just be three more months until I’m back in Panama City Beach shooting a swimwear calendar.

The model here is Brittney, a frequent collaborator. We shot at Nickajack Dam in Southeast Tennessee. Beautiful place.

sexy girl in bikini
Brittney on the Dock

This is the time of year when it’s great to have a studio — or at least interior space where you’re able to shoot. I was going to rent some studio space in Chattanooga, but the building burned down.

Sexy girl in bikini
Brittney in Black and White

I have a lot of respect for the models who keep their bods up during this time of year. There are so many temptations, fattening foods and a great excuse to hide the physique under sweatpants until June.

sexy girl in bikini
Brittney on the dock

I’d love to do a photo shoot in the snow this year, but it snows so infrequently here that I’ll need to have a model on standby who lives in reasonably close proximity to wherever I’ll be in that moment since we Southerners don’t handle icy roads very well. I once photographed a bride on her wedding day in the snow and it turned out beautifully with her white dress against the white ground. Oh well, maybe I’ll get lucky again with timing.

Speaking of good timing, we happened upon this cool bicycle at the park where we shot. The girl riding it was nice enough to let us borrow it for a moment. That’s the difference between the South and L.A. To get this shot, I’d probably have to get a permit to shoot there and pay to rent a bike.

sexy girl in bikini
Brittney and the Bike


sexy girl in bikini
Brittney and the bike

Right at the state line, there’s a gigantic fireworks store. We stopped in to get some photos there against these signs. We had a little fun with the cheesecake nature of a swimwear shoot, throwing in a little commentary on America and the greatness of boobs, beer and blowing things up.

sexy-girl-1251 sexy-girl-1261 sexy-girl-1275 sexy-girl-1293 sexy-girl-1299

It’s fun to collaborate with someone who not only looks great but understands the brand of humor I like to occasionally insert into my work. Murica!