Steven Stiefel Job Recommendation by Jonathan Gravenor

I received this nice letter of recommendation from Jonathan Gravenor, my supervisor at

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Steven Stiefel.

Steven worked for me a few years ago with the start-up In that time we gave Steve the role that encompassed a huge amount of work and responsibility in the role of editorial head.

Savvy was described as an online Men’s Magazine but evolved to so much more, much in thanks to Steven. Our articles and videos moved into areas of finance, fitness, politics, health and mental health. We attracted a large following with over 1 million regular users and an audience of nearly 3 million readers per month.

I believe the editorial role played a large part in our success, so much so that by 2007 we were profitable. Unfortunately our outsourced sales agency collapsed suddenly late that year and left us with a multi-million dollar hole as they hadn’t paid us in several months. Given the timing we were forced to shut down.

I don’t raise this for any other reason than for you to understand that Steven had taken a leading role in building a start-up that attracted a large audience that was committed to what we were providing.

I understand since Savvy Steven has gone on to further his education and increase his skill sets.

As I am sure you are aware editorial roles are diverse and difficult. It takes a special person with dedication and foresight to manage the role and advance it, Steven did this with flying colours.

Savvy was a global digital project so Steven also managed people outside his time-zone and in a virtual climate.

My end conclusion that Mr. Stiefel is dedicated, hardworking, and on a personal note a great guy and should be highly considered for any role. I take great delight in giving him my full recommendation. If you need any more information please do not hesitate in contacting me at your convenience.


Jonathan Gravenor

Former CEO

Savvy LTD


Thanks, Jonathan. It is always nice when a former employer gives you a positive recommendation. We worked together from 2004-2008.