The Year in Review: Reflections on 2017

Another year is nearly in the rear view mirror, so it is time to reflect back on the events of 2017 and showcase some of my work from the past 12 months.

If the last year has taught us anything, it is that we aren’t collectively as enlightened as we’d like to believe. There were unspeakable tragedies and plenty of outrage, from political divisions to the #metoo viral movement to out sexual predators. In a matter of weeks, powerful men met their professional demise under the weight of allegations.

I set out at the start of the year to re-do as much of my portfolio as possible. I can say that I accomplished much of what I set out to do and took every opportunity to do photo shoots. Another goal of mine for 2017 was to do a gallery show — something I accomplished in June.

Here is how my year went down…


I spent the first moments of 2017 at the Hard Rock Casino & Hotel in Biloxi with my sister Anita. We were down that way to see Auburn play in the Sugar Bowl against Oklahoma.

At work, we launched a big nonprofit website giveaway that saw entries from 23 Chattanooga nonprofits.

I did photo shoots with Lexie E and Josie B.

On January 14th, I did a photo shoot with male model Zack G.

Urban Street Style with Zack Galloway

I ended the month in Pensacola at the Nauga breakfast. Took my friend Brittney down there for the event and she ended up staying down there permanently.


I did terrific photo shoots with Anthea and Red McCord.

Roses Boudoir Photo Shoot


I traveled to Panama City Beach once again to shoot the Classmates USA swimsuit calendar. Spent the week with an awesome group of scout models. Really enjoyed getting to know them as unseasonably cold and rainy weather made it a real challenge to get enough shots.

spring break calendar shoot

My uncle Jim died. I captured this poignant moment with his great-grandson Braxton saying goodbye.

I did a photo shoot at Legion Field with Tim Stephens.

Legion Field Birmingham AL

I did a shoot with Bex Bella.


At work, we produced a video and still images for a new client, Flexabed.

I did a photo shoot with a beautiful friend named Marissa.

I ended up in the emergency room at Parkridge East Hospital on the 22nd and spend the night there. Turned out I had a case of diverticulitis.

Hamming it up while riding it out.


I got to spend some time hanging out with Chattanooga photographer Steve Rogers, who does amazing landscape photography.

I loved shooting with Olivia.

And Voxy Shaw.

I did a photo shoot with a beautiful new face, Maddie H.

beautiful short haired girl

Did another shoot with Sarah Nickole Young.


I did an art show titled “Moving Places” at the Fort Payne Coal & Iron Building. It was sponsored by the Big Wills Arts Council and the City of Fort Payne.

Riverbend returned to Chattanooga. I enjoyed seeing acts like Boz Skaggs, Don Felder and Ludacris.

My brother-in-law, Bookie Jackson, passed away about a month-long hospitalization following a stroke. He was only 45 years old and had a very young son.

I did a photo shoot with Dallas B. (one of 3 collaborations in 2017).


Reunited with Miranda Bryant and did a photo shoot at the Holiday Inn in downtown Chattanooga.

I enjoyed doing to the Nightfall Concerts all summer long.

I did a photo shoot on the beautiful campus at Sewanee.

I did a photo shoot with Bex Bella and Lexie E.

Found a great spot in LaFayette, Ga called The Pocket to shoot with Jessica B and her niece.

chattanooga tn model photography

I also connected with entertainer Melanie Tolbert in Gadsden for headshots. I met her at an edition of Radiovizions featuring Jerry Ellis and Sandra Ellis.

Enjoyed the Fourth of July fireworks from Ross’s Landing.

chattanooga tn landscape photographer

Closed out the month enjoying Ryan and Reno perform Dark Side of the Moon at the Revelry Room inside the Chattanooga Choo-Choo.


My daughter turned 16. She was thrilled when I presented her with tickets to go see her favorite band, Gorillaz, in Atlanta. She also got her first car, a Smart Car.

Shot with Bailee Keel, the daughter of old high school classmates.

I did shoots with the beautiful Marissa and Anthea, both at Suck Creek.

Witnessed the total eclipse from Dayton Tennessee.

The events in Charlottesville were very disturbing.


I was very busy with photo shoots and collaborated with AriAnne S, Brandy D, Heavanie, and Amy J.

Boom Days was another great fun event in Fort Payne.

Met a beautiful acrobatic performer named Nova and arranged a photo shoot with her in Atlanta.

So much energy was spent arguing over the NFL players’ right to not stand during the national anthem. I took the position that protest is supposed to ruffle feathers and provoke discussion in the face of popular opinion.


I found it hard to function after Tom Petty died and a psychotic old guy killed 59 people and injured nearly 600 from the Mandalay Bay casino.

I got to spend a weekend at Dancing Bear Lodge doing new photos for them. I also did photo shoots at Il Primo and Public House, as well as Acropolis Grille.

I photographed a fashion show to raise money for surgeries to remove cleft palates on children and end human slavery.

Chattanooga Runway Fashion Photography

I invested in some new wireless sync gear. Way overdue.

Auburn’s football team appeared to be back on track after falling to Clemson in Week 2. Then they blew a 20-0 lead to LSU and fell 11 spots in the AP Top 20 poll. Oh well, I thought, maybe they can still salvage a decent season.

I did a second shoot with Voxy Shaw in downtown Atlanta.

I enjoyed shooting gigantic kites at Montague Park in Chattanooga.

I got to spend some wonderful time with my daughter, taking her to her first arena concert in Atlanta to see Gorillaz perform.


After three years of living in downtown Chattanooga, my apartment was no more. Got in a funk about it. It was a time of tremendous change, plus I found the events in the White House and Congress very disturbing. How could you not be depressed when some maniac walks into a church in Texas and kills 25 people?

I did a photo shoot with a great looking guy named Marcelo. From Peru.

Auburn beat the #1 team in the country, Georgia.

Auburn beat the #1 team in the country, Alabama.

Auburn selected as the #2 team in the country and in the College Football Playoffs as long as we beat Georgia again in the SEC Championship game.


Auburn lost to Georgia in the SEC Championship game. Ugh…

The MainX24 parade and events were a lot of fun.

I shot with Dallas B again.

I watched in disbelief as so many people in Alabama continued to support Roy Moore in the special election to replace Sen. Jeff Sessions. The allegations that Moore attempted to sexually assault a 14 year old seemed to be of little concern to so many so-called Christians.

I did a photo shoot with a new model in the area who relocated from Vegas.

I got very excited when I received an offer to do an assignment for Hyperbeast fashion website. Turned out to be a scam where they sent me a bogus check and prodded me to wire $3,300 to a supposed model agent in NYC from that money. Unluckily for them, I checked with my bank and discovered that the check was fake. Relieved that I didn’t fall for the con, but disappointed that the regular photo gig was never real.

Alabama was hit with a surprise snowstorm on the 8th.

The year is not yet complete. I hope Roy Moore will lose his election.

May 2018 be more peaceful and prosperous.