Time to Shoot for the Official Spring Break Calendar

official spring break calendar

I am headed back to Panama City Beach, Florida and Spring Break!

I will be in town March 11-18 to scout college girls and photograph them for the calendar, which I have shot for since 2013. Featured on this blog post are older images (I can’t share more recent ones in order not to spoil the calendar’s novelty).

Official spring break calendar

Classmate USA, creator of the Official Spring Break Calendar, has been hosting the Spring Break Model Search since 1988. It is the longest consecutively running model search in the country. Each year, spring breakers are discovered and asked to model for the official spring break calendar, and represent their college, university, or high school.

The models choose their favorite suits from among 12 swimsuit sponsors (Viva/Dippin’ Daisy, Blue Sky, Sunsets/B-Swim, Venus, InGear/Plunge, Corpobonito, Chica Rica, Gossip, PilyQ, Desiree, Peach Buns, Point Conception, or Grain De Sable), then I photograph them with Ricky Carroll Surfboards.

Official spring break calendar


I’ve had several people ask me how they can participate in the photo shoots. Either we find you on the beach during Spring Break in Panama City Beach, FL, or you find us by submitting an online application. It could be at the beach, at a club, or poolside. Our scouts discover a select number of models each year at spring break. These models are invited to register for an afternoon photo shoot with me. You must be at least 18 years of age to participate.

During the week, I usually shoot a total of between 75 to 95 models. After the event, the producers of the calendar select the 16 best models who become the new faces of the next calendar edition. The calendar is distributed worldwide. There’s a $1,000 cash award for the girl who makes the front cover, and the model featured on the back cover will receive a $500 cash award.

Official spring break calendar

Some of our past cover models have included Shana Prevette, Farabe Cottingham, Spencer Scott, Sunshine Rodriguez, Desiree Niemann, Jessica Lowman, Nikki Guidish, Breanne Ashley, and Tara Conner.

Official spring break calendar

It’s very competitive, but it’s a lot harder than it might seem to get exceptionally beautiful models involved. For one thing, we’re talking about amateurs who are down there to party with their friends. There’s been more than one girl I was excited to photograph who ended up being a no-show because she decided to party instead. Breaks my heart. Anyone reading this is welcome to contact me if you’re going to be in PCB for Spring Break week and want to try out for the calendar. I can’t guarantee anything. We really need to see photos of you first and talk to you. It would be kinda awkward if you showed up cold and weren’t quite what we’re looking for. I try to be nicer than I’d have to be in that circumstance. You can sort of look at the girls in these photos and get a sense of what we like.

Official spring break calendar

It can get kinda crazy down there with these college kids. I don’t really have time or energy left to party. I pretty much leave everything on that beach, grab some grub and fall asleep. I plan on using Facebook Live, Periscope and Instagram while I’m down there, so stay tuned if you’re interested.

Schools such as Auburn University, the University of Alabama, University of Kentucky, University of Tennessee, University of Mississippi and the University of South Alabama will all be on break from March 11-19.

We debated on whether to move to a different beach after the police in Panama City Beach enacted and strongly enforced a booze ban on the sandy beach following soaring arrests, drug use, seven injured after a shooting at a house party, and a reported rape.

The ban caused a lot of spring breakers to congregate elsewhere last year, and there’s reason to believe the numbers of college kids blowing off steam will be way down again. The decline in Spring Break traffic last year cost businesses about $84 million in business they otherwise would have had. We made the difficult decision to stick with Panama City Beach for at least one more year. The Hell-raising antics can be problematic anyway.