What do you want to learn from me?

what do you want to learn


what do you want to learn from steven stiefelI’ve been wondering what I can do to improve this blog. I’m seeking your feedback on how I can make this something worth subscribing to.

It can seem a bit schizophrenic, hopping from topic to topic rather than some narrow focus on one uniting theme. The only uniting theme here is sharing whatever’s on my mind at the moment. That and, well, sharing my photographs whenever I have created something worth sharing. Beyond that, there are a few blog topics I keep turning to as time goes by. Things that specifically interest me or inspire an opinion.

College football… Photography tips… Thoughts on news or politics or popular entertainment… Marketing tips…

Occasionally, I share something about my family or hobbies. That’s more for my friends and followers than those of you who may randomly find my blog. The main purpose for a blog is to generate some keywords so Google will continue to find a website relevant overall.

This blog is about thoughts, opinions, tips, tricks, tutorials, ideas, and discussions about a variety of things. Now I am seeking feedback from you, the person I am writing for, on what you want from me in this forum.

I am searching for answers to basic questions…

  • What can you learn from me?
  • What do you want to learn from me?
  • What can I learn from you?
  • How can I contribute to a debate about college football, photography, entertainment or news/politics?
  • How can I give this blog some significance and establish myself as a thought leader in some topic?
  • Do you not care as long as I keep posting photos of pretty girls?

So go ahead. Give me some feedback. If I were only writing for myself, I’d simply put all of this in a journal that no one would ever see.