The team of designers at Riverworks Marketing Group in Chattanooga TN put together a series of websites for the Regency Senior Living company of Assisted Living and Memory Care communities in the Southeastern US. My photography is very prominently featured across the websites.

I spent much of the summer of 2017 traveling to their various facilities to photograph the amenities and facilities, as well as scenes of residents, for their websites, social media, and other promotional uses. I wanted to share how nice it all turned out. Funny how I can photograph a big project like this, then come back to it fresh.

I highly recommend Regency if you are a senior in Tennessee, Alabama, or other areas where they operate. They are great, ethical folks who genuinely care about their residents and operate some amazing communities.

Our goal was to drive interest in signups in these various communities among seniors and their families by illustrating how beautiful the facilities are and how they support efforts to stimulate social activity for the happiness and wellness of residents.