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I’m proud that my images of a popular upscale Smoky Mountain eatery, the Dancing Bear Appalachian Bistro, have been seen this week in regional and national media, such as MSN, Yahoo! Finance, The Grubwire, ABC15-TV, Food News Feed, and Food and Wine.

It is due to the restaurant receiving national praise and accolades from the popular travel and restaurant website, TripAdvisor, as one of the “25 Most Romantic Restaurants of 2019.” Of course, most of them won’t bother to give me a photo credit since they just lift a photo from social media, the TripAdvisor listing or the website, all of which I load images to. Ah well, at least I have the satisfaction of seeing my images doing what they were intended to do: generate interest in the client’s business!

The publicity comes just ahead of Valentine’s Day, the biggest date night of the year.

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I can vouch for the exceptional quality and taste of Chef Shelley Cooper’s creations, many of which I’ve had the honor of photographing in the past 5 years. She and I have coordinated food photography shoots since her days at Terra Mae, a Chattanooga fine dining restaurant previously owned by the same couple who own Dancing Bear Lodge (the new owner changed things from the Stonefort Inn & Terra Mae to the Dwell Hotel & Matilda Midnight).

I’m generally a very picky eater, but if Shelley is cooking it, I embrace tasting it because she continually amazes. You definitely owe it to yourself to make the short drive there after making dinner reservations.


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The whole estate at Dancing Bear Lodge is amazing and worth investing in a weekend getaway near Cade’s Cove and a short drive to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The press release that I wrote for Dancing Bear to promote the TripAdvisor honor is also doing remarkably well in the local media according to the client. This will translate into more reservations at the restaurant and more brand awareness generally.

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Publicity Photos Get National Exposure
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Publicity Photos Get National Exposure
Thanks to TripAdvisor naming one of our clients among the 25 most romantic restaurants in the USA, Steven Stiefel's product photography for Dancing Bear Appalachian Bistro are getting lots of regional and national exposure as media pick up the story and run with it ahead of Valentine's Day 2019.
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