It may feel like the end of the 2018-19 school year will never arrive, but in spite of the still-chilly weather, Spring Break is nearly upon us with summer following closely behind. Senior Year… I know you are excited and nervous thinking about it. You’ll have a lot of things on your mind in the weeks and months ahead, including where to get your Senior Pictures done.

Here are 5 reasons to call Steven Stiefel to set up your Senior Portrait Photo Shoot this Spring:

5. I Take the Time to Actually Capture Who You Are

Unlike the “official school photographer” who gets that title in exchange for giving large sums of money to the high school, the Stiefel Creative photographer, Steven Stiefel (that’s me), doesn’t have to rush you through like a product on an assembly line. I want you to LOVE your senior portraits and brag on them to your friends so they’ll want to hire me too! That means spending a little time asking questions about who you are, what you enjoy doing, and facets of your personality. I love meeting new people – even if you decide to use a different photographer.

4. The Class of 2020 is Close to My Heart

Class of 2020 Fort Payne High SchoolI not only remember the excitement of getting my senior portraits to hand out the wallet-sized pictures to my friends, but as the father whose daughter is graduating in the Class of 2020, Miranda Stiefel, I’ll be following your experiences in the year ahead very closely. I’ll be right there sitting next to your parents, feeling sentimental about the past and excited for the future. I understand everything you are going through, and I want to make it great for all of us. That includes making my daughter proud when she sees you showing off senior portraits that her daddy created for you.

3. I Know All the Best Spots Around Here for Doing Photo Shoots

senior portrait photography Fort Payne AlabamaYep, as your mom or dad might tell you, this ain’t my first rodeo. I’ve been behind a camera since THEY were high school seniors! That means I know North Alabama like the back of my hand and can suggest great places to actually get outside and do your senior pictures. Or we can incorporate places that are special to you. My gear is mobile, so let’s figure out where you want to do a photo shoot and make some magic!

2. I Offer Flexibility and Affordable Senior Portraits

Unlike that official school photographer who’ll force you to choose between a bunch of packages that may include more than you want or need, I give you the option to buy only what you want at prices that won’t cause momma to cry as she writes the check. I know how expensive senior year is, believe me! Because photography is a sideline rather than my full-time job and I’m not beholden to give kickbacks in exchange for leads and don’t have to price gouge to make it worth my time.
stylish senior portraits Chattanooga

1. Because It Will Be Awesome and Fun!

That’s right. I said FUN. Let’s crank up your favorite songs and make some cool, stylish photos that show off contemporary styles — not just the classic headshot mom is yearning to see. My photography has appeared in advertising and articles in newspapers, magazines, and on websites, so I know how to create senior portraits that your friends will envy. I love photography, so when you arrange a photo shoot with Steven Stiefel, you’ll have a great time. Even the boys who get nagged by mom to set up their senior portrait shoot leave me feeling relieved (and not just because it is over).

Now, a quick note as you think about scheduling your senior portraits: You MUST sit for the cap and gown formal with the official school photographer if you want that photo to appear in the yearbook. That’s kind of their hook for getting your business, assuming you’re too lazy to get additional photos done. But I know that the quality of your pictures is important to you and worth the added effort!

Let’s talk about what we could do for your senior portraits. There’s absolutely no obligation to schedule a photo shoot. You can email me or ask my daughter, Miranda, for more information.