Let get real for a second.

Unless you are moving millions of units of whatever you sell, your small business may not need to employ a full-time marketing person on staff. If you don’t aspire to grow your brand, you may be perfectly fine right where you are.

Let’s hope your competition feels the same.

Stiefel Creative is a digital marketing consultancy for companies that DO want to grow their customer base by raising awareness and creating opportunities for people to buy.

Don’t let anyone fool you by suggesting that you can’t compete against the big corporate brands. They are Goliath, you are David and we are your stone.

Stiefel Creative offers branding and content creation services as needed or on a monthly retainer basis for small business clients.

Stiefel CreativeSo how, specifically, can Stiefel Creative help your brand?

Here are a few ways…

We Make People Aware You Exist

If only it were enough to hang a sign and just watch the cash flow into your bank account. No, you first must be clear on what your unique proposition is for sellers, package your product in appealing ways, then give people regular reasons to remember you and buy from you.

There’s an expression: “Out of Sight, Out of Mind.” If you don’t get noticed in the crowd, you’ll find yourself struggling right out of the gate.

The key to creating loyal customers is letting them know how you can make their life easier. We can review your branding to make sure you are focused like a laser in your messaging. Then we give you tools for generating interest and overcoming objections so you can convert leads into sales.

Ask us how we can target the precise people you’re wanting to reach with Google and Facebook Advertising campaigns that measurably increase traffic to your website, increase sales, and raise brand awareness.

We Make You Look Good… No, Great!

Sure, you may be fine using a cell phone snapshot to showcase your products on Facebook, in an advertisement or on a flyer. Or that may look cheap as hell, which undermines the perceived value of what you’re asking others to buy. If you are going to cut corners, we beg you to do it someplace other than the most visible part of your merchandising push.

Quality product photography sends a message that you’ve invested for the long-term rather than being some fly-by-night scam that will push junk on shoppers then vanish. Professional studio-type headshots literally make you look your best on customer-facing promotional materials so customers researching your company get that all-important first impression that you and your crew are competent and friendly to deal with.

It’s not just photos, either.


Website photography Chattanooga TN


Packaged bundles of information are great for retailers seeking to make the sales process seamless and easy, nonprofits needing to refine their fundraising efforts, bloggers seeking corporate sponsors, musicians needing to generate buzz to promote new releases and live appearances, professional speakers wanting to book public speaking engagements, artists seeking greater exposure to promote gallery exhibitions, authors in search of publishing deals, job seekers needing more of an edge than they can get from the typical resume, and anyone else who wants to achieve a goal.

Let us sing your praises so others will be inspired to do the same. Even if you just need an extra set of eyes for proofreading or readability checks, catching potentially embarrassing errors is also making you look good.

We Engage Your Customers and Create Separation from the Other Guys

As you well know, you aren’t the only game in town. Your competition is under no obligation to prevent you from closing your doors in bankruptcy. We can optimize your website or landing page with the most relevant keywords people are typing into search engines. And with social media posts that strike a chord — as well as blogs and newsletters that inspire, educate, and entertain — we persuade the people you’re trying to reach to stay engaged.

An example? You’re reading it right now. Yes, this is sales copy. Creating a concise, relevant message out of thin air that points out why it is in your best interest to invest in OUR services. We can do the same for you by creating articles & blogs, explainer videos, e-newsletters with offers to incentivize buying, case studies for download that build your email subscriber list, and so forth.

We can gamify this information with interactive quizzes or entertaining bits that soft sell and keep your brand front and center when they are ready to make purchasing decisions.

We Perform the Small Tasks that Make a Big Difference

Did you know that having inconsistent or incomplete information on third-party directory sites can hurt your website’s organic search rankings and lead to frustration among the customers you want to reach?

Reviews are critical these days, and we can monitor and respond to them, offering custom responses that address customer concerns and demonstrate that your brand cares and wants to earn their satisfaction.

Let’s Talk About the Giants We Can Slay Together

These are just a few of the ways we can make life easier and free up time for business owners to focus on making sales.

We’d love the opportunity to sit down and learn more about your brand so we can offer suggestions on specific solutions to your unique situation. Send us a message so we can set up a time to chat.