Last week, my sister Anita and I traveled to our shared Alma Mater, Auburn University, on our way home from Pensacola. Neither of us had visited the campus in almost a decade.

A couple of years ago, I started an online gallery selling my images of Scenic locations. It included lots of photos from Tuscaloosa, but none from the Loveliest Village on the Plains. With these new images, I have remedied that.

Anita and I drove around to take note of the changes. Lots of parking decks that would’ve been nice when she and I walked a mile to Haley Center. We also noticed how the students have tiny backpacks, presumably filled with tablets instead of the 40-pounds of textbooks that we used to lug around.

Auburn’s season opener in college football is this coming weekend, a rematch of the 2010 National Championship Game that we won. Wish I could travel to watch it, but not in the cards right now. I’ll be watching on TV and yelling, “War Eagle”!