Allow me to tell you a story about a girl, a boy, and a lust for blood… 

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Greta decided to take a walk. She was down the street from her home when she saw a mysterious stranger in leaning against the block wall in the shade.

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For a moment, their eyes locked. She thought he was handsome standing there smoking a cigarette. He was tall and dark and muscular. She’d never seen him in the town. She was intrigued and wanted to know more, but she was too shy to introduce herself.

When she glanced back over her shoulder, his eyes were still locked on her. She couldn’t help but grin as she continued her walk without saying a word.

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His eyes never left her. A sinister plan took shape.

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A few days later, their paths crossed again. She looked up to find this mysterious stranger.

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She gave him a friendly smile, letting him know that she remembered him. He gave her a line to start a conversation. She took the bait.

He made her laugh with his charm. But then he grabbed her a bit too forcefully. She reacted as any girl would, telling him to back off. He gave her the standard line, but she wasn’t having it.

“Maybe I don’t care,” he said. “Maybe I take what I want…”

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He pinned her forcefully against a post and crept close enough for her to smell his breath. It was a foul stench. She reared back and slapped him, causing him to loosen his grip, then she walked away.

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She became worried when she realized he was following her.

“Go away, creep!” she forcefully said in his direction. Still he followed.

She walked faster. She turned back to see if he was still closing on her and found no sign of him.

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Turning back to face the path before her, she was startled to find this mysterious stranger had somehow moved in front of her to block her path.

She froze in shock for a moment, wonder how the hell he did that. It was impossible.

He opened his mouth to expose a set of fangs. She shrieked in terror as he threw her against a tree, those sharp teeth — like the mouth of a wild dog — moving toward her jugular.

She resisted with all of her might. He was so strong. Unnaturally strong. She clawed his face, finding it cold to the touch. Her assailant temporarily let her loose. She took that opportunity to flee with her last ounce of strength.

She ran with all of her might, screaming as loudly as she could. He closed on her. She ran up the path. Only then did she realize the path was wooded.

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She fought through the brush. But he was gaining on her.

She ran into a dead end, realizing this… thing… it was right behind her. He moved on her so quickly, she barely had time to react.

The fangs sank into her neck. The flesh pierced her jugular. She passed out from a combination of exhaustion and blood loss. The beast moved her deeper into the forest to feed without being seen. These were his hunting grounds.

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He laid her body down to finish his feast.

“NO, Please!” she murmured through her exhaustion. “Please, dear Jesus, HELP ME!”

She let out a scream, but it was cut off by the gurgling of his fangs sinking again deeper into her flesh. She tried to fight him off again, but her last ounce of strength was spent. She could feel the life force draining from her.

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Suddenly, he stopped. Was it compassion? Was it remorse? No, this was something else.

It paused to admire her, the way a cat studies a rat it has just caught between swallowing chunks of the carcass.

“Should I finish you? No, I don’t think I will. I think I will save you like a toy, like a souvenir…”

“Please… just kill me,” she barely got out as a whisper.

“No,” he answered, a grin filling his face. “You will serve me.”

The beast’s thirst was so great that it took everything it had to stop feeding on her before it would be too late.

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He watched her die. But she didn’t fade into the afterlife. She didn’t find herself facing a bright light or fire and brimstone. Just coldness. Cold and terror and a feeling of captivity.

When she awoke, the beast became violent, annoyed by her tears and the depth of her fears.

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“Shut up!” he growled. “You are my servant. You will go out into the night and find us fresh meat. You will use your body to lure men back to this lair.”

“For how long?”

“You will never grow old. You will never die. For the rest of your days, you are my slave completely. You must do what I tell you. Your body and your spirit are no longer your own. You belong to me.”

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He sent her out into the darkness. She wanted to seek help, she wanted to end it, but his power over her was too great. And she felt a hunger for blood growing. Before that first night was ended, she had brought a man to the lair where the beast was waiting and sliced the man’s throat before he even realized his doom.

She darted toward the body as blood gushed from the decapitated torso. The master slapped her away, telling her she could only feed after he’d had his fill. Finally he finished, and she raced over to slurp up the remains. It felt so refreshing, like a glass of water after a long hard run.

It was only after she swallowed a gallon of blood that she realized the magnitude of the terror that her existence had become. She was surely in Hell and this beast was the devil.

This went on for weeks. They would travel by night to nearby cities, feeding on hitchhikers and street walkers.

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One evening, as the sun set on their lair, she awoke before the Master. She found the blade, an ornate knife with the power to take this killer’s power. She knew this was her chance. But could she get turned around quickly enough to thrust it into the skin?

Before she could pierce the chest, the Master awoke and grabbed her wrist. She found reserves of strength she had never known before. She was a creature of the night, just like the one who inflicted this supernatural state upon her. She watched the steel sink deeper and deeper until the knife could go no farther.

The beast screamed with a fierce roar.

It staggered out into the daylight, it’s power robbed by the impaler and the sunshine scorching the flesh. Finally it turned to dust and was no more.

She stood over her former master, her hands dripping with blood imported from the previous night’s kill.

What would she do now? How would she fill her own bloodlust?

She went out into the night, driven by a hunger she couldn’t escape. But she was somehow freed from the power of the beast. She would become a monster of her own, a tricker of men, a predator, the queen of the damned.

horror movie photo shoot

A photo-illustrated short story starring Greta Little and Caleb Daugherty.

© 2019 Steven Stiefel | Stiefel Creative

The Stranger
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The Stranger
A photo-illustrated short story about a girl, a boy, and a lust for human blood. A Halloween fun project starring Greta Little and Caleb Daugherty.
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Stiefel Creative
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