I just finished “The Rise of Skywalker” and the little boy who fell in love with these movies 42 years ago is happy with the way it ended.

No spoilers, except to say that some characters don’t make it, and there’s a major plot twist. Duh.

Maybe you should stop reading if you want to go into it with your own fresh take.

Longtime nerd poses with droid.

There are scenes including every major heroic character ever (no one really ever seems to permanently die in that universe except the villains).

Many sentimental moments on lots of worlds they explored in the saga. Way more Carrie Fisher than I expected. And Chewie… Oh, what a moment.

C-3PO is the most involved in this movie of any of them except maybe the original. Used for a lot of laughs.

There’s even a reference to the type of force powers that Baby Yoda has displayed on “The Mandalorian.”

My only criticism would be that it is so jam-packed with loose ends and plot holes to resolve that if you have to go take a piss, you’ll miss something. You can tell they did focus groups and made a list of everything fans wanted to see happen, then tried to cram it all in.

I saw it in 3D, but aside from one battle scene, 2D would have been just fine.

It tries to salvage the story elements people hated from “The Last Jedi,” including Luke’s exile and that whole Kylo/Rey psychic bond thingie.

We learn the origins of Snoke and the First Order, solve the mystery of Rey’s lineage/powers, and it is deeply derivative of “A New Hope” and “Return of the Jedi” if you liked those episodes (which I recommend rewatching before you see the new one).

Now hurry up and watch it this weekend so I can discuss specifics with somebody.

I’m sure the fanboys will rip it apart, and some folks won’t like lesbian kiss or the call to arms with a not-so-subtle political reference about evil trying to win by making good people feel like they are alone.

If your skin is that thin, do us all a favor and stay home.