I created this “group photo” of the cast of the dinner theater play “Deliver Us From Mama” at the request of director Amber Norman McPherson. It shows all 30 characters played by 11 cast members by combining them in a composite of several carefully choreographed different photos of various groupings following costume changes.

Amber is a forensic interviewer at the DeKalb County Children’s Advocacy Center, a local organization that helps to catch and prosecute pedophiles and child abusers. The dinner theater is a major fundraiser for them, and I was happy to help them promote this event, both in newspaper coverage and in creating this photo.

It is so sad what happens to kids, but it’s good to know that we have this organization to make the process of holding abusers accountable while minimizing the damage to the young victims.

Alleged victims of sexual abuse and severe physical abuse are referred to the CAC by the Department of Human Resources and Law Enforcement when reports are made to them. The child is seen by a specially trained interviewer in order to gather specific details of the abuse in a non-threatening, forensically sound manner. The interview is conducted in our “child-friendly” room while social workers and investigators observe via closed-circuit television.

Missing from the photo was long-time director Eddie McPherson, who passed away last fall at a much-too-young age. He is definitely missed by the community.