I had hoped to continue doing photo shoots over the next several weeks as our society waits out this pandemic by self-isolating to decrease the rate of community spread. I had so many goals and things I wanted to accomplish, photography-wise, this Spring and Summer.

We would probably be fine if we observed the 6-foot rule. I imagine a lot of models and women generally are saddened by the situation but relieved that men finally have a reason to respect their personal space.

I would kind of welcome the companionship in this lonely time, connecting to do a photoshoot — but only with someone who has taken the same precautions that many of us have to self-isolate and practice social distancing.

Most Beautiful Women

Tara Lynn gets cute for a photo shoot.

I gotta tell you, there are folks still walking around here in Alabama like nothing’s happened. Whole lotta people visiting the state parks who are going to catch COVID-19 and take it home to kill grandma, tragically.

One thing I know I can do during this “downtime” is to help others by sharing my marketing and photography skills.

I’ve worked with several models to produce regular content for their Patreon and OnlyFans websites. Such platforms are going to become even more vital as virtual means for generating income safely over the Internet.

As bars, pubs, and nightclubs have shut down by social distancing and order of public health officials, I’ve seen multiple musicians making up for those lost performance gigs by live streaming shows and sharing links to their Patreon or Vemno accounts for us to send them virtual tips.

I donated recently while watching Hayden & Jeff perform songs from their couch on Facebook. I saw where Dusty Smith, Jerry & Pixie and Matty Croxton were doing the same. I hope such online shows help them make up for lost income in this desperate hour.

There have been times when I’ve wished I could have been there to help them frame their shot and properly light the scene. I’m all about production values, but that’s probably just me. If we had known a global pandemic was about to render the world paralyzed, I would have conducted a workshop on this stuff.

I’m here to share my knowledge if anyone is interested in learning how to become a web influencer and make money on the web. I’m a long time photographer & publisher who acquired a ton of web-based marketing skills over the past 6 years. To quote Grand Chancellor Palpatine, “Use my knowledge, I beg you…” LOL

how to make money modeling on the internet

Andrea is one of my regular collaborators generating photography content.

When models and I collaborate to jointly produce this content, generally we aim to produce multiple sets of photos or videos for sharing with fans over several weeks.

And no, it’s not sleazy, as you might imagine.

The models come up with cute ideas for photoshoots and get playful rather than posing in explicit or overly provocative ways.

I don’t really do the vulgar stuff. There are already so many spread eagle photos on the Internet, and most of the guys who are seeking that out are kind of assholes, to be honest. Those fellas lack an appreciation for beauty and the art of the tease.

My clients appreciate ART. Which I define as intentional construction of beauty. Deliberative beauty.

A famous Los Angeles model who produces a swimsuit calendar each year once told me that she made more money by NOT taking her clothes off. Huh? She clarified that it wasn’t a matter of modesty — she had no problem walking around naked — but rather leaving some mystery to the viewer’s imagination. Their minds filling in the blanks with their own stimulated imaginations made her concealed portions more spectacular than the straight reveal could ever achieve.

Such is the power of the implied over the explicit. Or “the tease” if you prefer that phrasing. Author Stephen King once described a similar process in writing suspenseful horror fiction, the ole thrill of anticipating what’s at the top of those creepy stairs or behind that doorknob. Sure, horror can provoke us with jump scares or gory special effects, but the suspense is achieved by letting the audience know something the character doesn’t realize, then makes us shout at the scream for them to run because there’s a bomb about to go off.

Anyway, that went way deeper than I meant to go, but that’s the philosophy I apply to glamour photography as well — that sense that the viewer might see her naked if only that towel falls loose.

Mostly, these models’ patrons are lonely guys who want to look at and interact with pretty women who are appreciative of their time and money invested in enjoying their monthly or weekly or daily content.

The interaction part is so critical. It keeps them coming back month-after-month. I dare to speculate that a model who keeps most of her clothes on but actively communicates with her fans will do better than one who gets naked and posts raunchy stuff but is then too lazy to do anything else.

Patreon and OnlyFans merely serve as a means for limiting the supply of glamour photography in order to increase the demand enough for that arbitrary limitation to create an incentive for people to spend a little money to see the content they would otherwise just stare at over on Instagram for free. Social media is just the means for getting attention — not the ultimate platform for customer fulfillment.

Anyway, just sayin’ that’s an option that’s out there for people looking for ways to make some money while their workplace is shut down over this virus. 

I’m going to be thinking of photoshoots I want to do when all over this is behind us. Hopefully, there will be some summertime left for that. Meanwhile, I’ll be sharing from the mountain of content that I’ve created over the past 15-20 years. I feel like I have a duty to entertain and inform people during this tough time.

I’m likely going to be blogging more than I’ve been able to since I started working at the newspaper back in November. I’m not the type to just sit around being unproductive or putting a pause on my creativity. Creating is what defines us and comforts me. If my creations bring comfort or entertainment to others, even better.

I keep saying I am going to do a Facebook Live session to talk about whatever anyone wants to know about, but I have to clean my damn house first. This weekend was the first chance I’ve had to disconnect and try to relax. It’s been hectic and crazy covering the rapidly changing response to this pandemic.

Ya’ll hang in there. It’s going to be okay. We are all in this together.