If you are thinking about contacting me about doing a photo shoot, then here are 6 good reasons why you should book me right now:

It will Make you Feel Good

You are beautiful just as you are and deserve to see yourself as such – aided by posing, flattering lighting and styling to look your best, of course. Everyone should have a beautiful portrait that they love.

We tend to view ourselves as a collection of flaws, whereas the people who care for us take warmth from our greater essence. A professional photograph helps us to see ourselves the way others do, which is very powerful.

It is a Thoughtful Gift for a Loved one

romance novel photographyA photograph is a very intimate gift. It serves as a reminder to those we love that they are special to us, and with time, a shared photo becomes priceless to those who love us. Family and friends represent “home” more than structures.

When we are separated by time or great distance, someone’s likeness carried on our phones or displayed on our desk at work allows us to bring a bit of that connection along with us when we cannot share time with them in person. A photo of someone reminds of us why we work hard and the warm and loving experience that’s waiting for us when we get home.

To Celebrate a Milestone

A photograph can capture a special moment, freezing it in time so we can remember it later. It can also be a way to celebrate change, such as mastering a new skill and earning a degree or certification, starting a new job or getting a promotion, fulfilling a goal such as weight loss or getting in mental or physical shape for a competition, capturing a pregnancy, commemorating an engagement or marriage, etc.

Years from now, when we assess what our lives have meant, these images serve as landmarks in time, commemorating positive moments we want to warmly remember.

It’s Fun to Pamper Yourself and Pretend You are Someone Else

lingerie photographersWhy should Hollywood celebrities be the only ones who get to do fun and exciting photo shoots where they get to portray someone else or fresher, more striking versions of themselves?

Ordinary people can do the same, restrained only by their imagination and the skills of the person photographing them. If you’ve always fantasized about being a different person or trying a different look, here’s your chance to play. If it doesn’t turn out the way you want, it’s not like anyone else has to see the images, but at least your curiosity will be satisfied. We love doing cosplay and boudoir photoshoots where someone gets to go all out and release their inner bombshell.

Mothers, in particularly, tend to sacrifice for everyone else and rarely splurge on themselves. Take this opportunity to lavish yourself with a treat, dress up with professional hair and makeup and feel like a star for the day!

For Self-Promotional Purposes in Personal Branding

Most Beautiful WomenIf you don’t believe that people are products, think again. Every time we change our profile picture on a social media platform or update our pictures on a dating website, we are putting our best foot forward, so to speak, encouraging others to see us in a flattering light and make a positive first impression so they want to befriend us, date us or simply think well of us.

Some take this a step further and literally market themselves professionally to provide a service, expertise or visual allure. We sit for new headshots so we catch the eye of someone who can help us get a great job, book the next gig or convey confidence and magnetism. Professional photography is a must because it sends a powerful message about our credibility.

Because Time Does Not Stand Still

Every person, at every age, is beautiful. Period. But we do go through different stages of life. It’s been said that we are a different person every seven years. Evolution is good and necessary. Also good is remembering who we used to be so we can fully process what we learn along the path of life.

Like old songs that trigger vivid memories, photographs are like a time-machine, mentally taking us back to moments we might otherwise only vaguely recall. Therefore, everyone should have a portrait made at least once every seven years to document their entire life and create a beautiful legacy.

There is no better time than right now to capture how you feel at this moment in your life – creating a priceless treasure for your loved ones in the years to come.


Send me a message if you are interested in setting up something!