I enjoyed watching the Fort Payne Fireworks celebration Thursday evening. Due to the need for social distancing, the city skipped the usual on-site entertainment, which I think was the right call considering how rapidly the coronavirus is spreading right now.

I went with my daughter and watched from the parking lot of the Wills Valley Recreation Center.

It’s a beautiful display and a fun tradition to reinforces our sense of community. I am glad the city does this. Probably prevents a lot of accidents and wildfires from people shooting off their own fireworks. Plus this cuts down on the sound of explosions while we all safely enjoy the show.

I have nothing against people setting off their own fireworks. We plan to do so after dark. We just have pets, so we tend to use more of the ones that are pretty rather than loud.

I really liked the patriotic music. It enhances the visual experience and stirs so many memories. I love this country. I love the ideals we share. America isn’t perfect, but it aims to be good. And that is why I love it.