How to create an OnlyFans page

I’m seeing more demand for help setting up OnlyFans web profiles (viewer’s discretion). More likely than not, this is a reflection of the current economic climate as our country struggles to emerge out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rather than getting a job at a fast-food restaurant and bust their tail to make minimum wage, some sell access to pay-per-view photos or videos of themselves shaking that tail as a way to supplement income elsewhere or to become full-time models or brand influencers.

how to set up an OnlyFansYou may think, “Great, I get to make money having fun…” but STOP… Creating an OnlyFans page is not a decision that should be taken lightly!

What goes on the internet can often stay there permanently. It’s important for models to think carefully about what they share online and to consider the long-term ramifications of these actions.

There can be far out implications affecting their reputation or ability to get other work in the future.

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a content subscription service based out of the UK that allows content creators to earn money from fans who subscribe to their content. Basically, it is the new business model for sharing photos and clips online.

It has a reputation for hosting risqué content because that’s what sells best and the platform offers adult-oriented amateur and professional models some appealing ways to make money while enjoying relative safety compared to doing in-person sex work like stripping in a seedy gentlemen’s club.

However, OnlyFans is NOT only for provocative content.

In fact, content creators using the site include physical fitness experts, musicians and others who post regularly online. Essentially anyone who is sharing photos and videos on Instagram but wants to be set up to make money from it rather than just giving it away for free.

How do OnlyFans subscriptions work?

swimwear model


Creating demand for content behind a subscriber paywall requires creators to have enough of a following to get people to actually want to shell out money for what they can already get, to a lesser extent, for free.

In many cases, subscriptions to various tiers of membership are available, often tied to levels of access.

You decide how much to charge your fans for a subscription, so set a rate that you think is fair, reasonable and affordable for your audience. Typically, around 1%-3% of your fans will subscribe. For example, if you have 10,000 fans on Instagram you will expect to attract around 100-150 subscribers (based on a 1.5% conversion).

It’s better to have 150 subscribers at $6.99 than 50 subscribers at $9.99, so make sure your rate attracts subscribers and does not deter them. The more you attract the more you earn so be realistic and don’t overprice. Remember, your fans may be gravitating from free-to-view platforms to a paid subscription, so make a good judgment based on the quality of content they will receive on your OnlyFans platform and how much they are likely to pay.

OnlyFans offers an income slider to forecast your potential income from the platform

In the earlier business model of adult content, money earned is usually linked to the amount of bare skin that fans get to see in photos or videos. This creates an incentive for the subscriber to spend a little more. A good example might be a teaser photo posted on Instagram that is censored to conceal nipples that encourages fans to come subscribe if they want to see the uncensored version.

The no-risk trial membership is a classic business strategy for getting people to try out your content and determine whether they want to buy what you’re selling. Some models have both free and paid OnlyFans sites, one offering a no-risk way of previewing what they will see if they decide to pay for the premium subscription.

Please note that I am not encouraging anyone to create adult content. I’m simply explaining how some users choose to use the platform since so many people have taken to using it and it can be confusing. As previously stated, it is possible to have an OnlyFans without explicit or adult-oriented content on it, although realistically if someone hears that you’ve started an OnlyFans site, they may presume you are doing adult content (unless it is crystal clear that you aren’t).

Like a similar platform, Patreon, these sites provide tools for all sorts of creators to receive donations from patrons and supporters, either tied to exclusive access to original content or other perks like early access to new stuff before it appears on Instagram or YouTube. Some patrons simply contribute a few dollars out of a desire to help that creator pay his or her bills in these tough times.

Some great examples of non-adult OnlyFans include Dancer/Performer Liv and Grand Master Chef JoJo

One thing that distinguishes OnlyFans from other sites is that creators can not only receive funding directly from their fans on a monthly basis but also through virtual tips and a pay-per-view (PPV) feature. This makes it useful for creators willing to offer content incentives to pay beyond the baseline subscription tiers.

Subscribers/fans can view content in exchange for a monthly membership fee. The platform keeps 20% of those subscriptions, from which they take out merchant and processing fees, with the content creators keeping about 80% of whatever they earn.

OnlyFans goes mainstream… sort of

How to Set Up an OnlyFans pageMainstream film and TV Actress Bella Thorne set a new OnlyFans record when she earned over $1 million within the first 24 hours after joining the platform on August 19, 2020. She earned more than $2 million in less than a week. However, her activities on OnlyFans sparked controversy after she allegedly promised nude photos for $200 and instead provided lingerie-clad photographs, leading to a slew of chargebacks from disappointed fans.

Thorne, a former Disney child starlet, has pushed boundaries since emerging from puberty with salacious photos on Instagram. It made sense for her to monetize her good looks and reputation for sharing sexy pictures, although she pissed off a lot of other creators by prompting new restrictions that limited the amount they could charge and how quickly they could get paid.

I’ve heard from friends who are content creators that they don’t like that so many new models have created profiles on the platform, diluting their share of the fans already visiting the site in search of content to enjoy viewing.

Because top performers are listed in an index, some have worked really hard to attain higher rankings and have seen those efforts hurt by the influx of new faces. Don’t expect to make friends on OnlyFans if you are hurting someone else’s sales. This can make someone catty offline.

What does it take to succeed on OnlyFans?

It goes beyond being hot or going all out showing explicit nudity or sex acts, although it’s generally true that the more a creator shows and does, the most interest they will attract from fans. That’s true in a lot of different genres of modeling, with some exceptions.

From my experience, the slow-burn tease can be far sexier than just spreading one’s legs and sharing gynecological closeups of genitalia. You can always make your content more revealing, but if you start out with the full Monty, it’s harder to dial that back. Expectations are set for people to expect more of the same.

This can be extremely discouraging for a model who did not set out to be known as a “nude model” but has nevertheless come to have fans demanding that sort of content consistently.

No, the real keys to make money on OnlyFans are two things:

First, post often. My friend and frequent collaborator Steph adds two or three photos per day –minimum. Another model I know updated hers once every couple of weeks. It doesn’t take much to see that one offers a far better entertainment value. Laziness definitely harms success on the platform.

Secondly, interaction with fans/subscribers is the sweet sauce. Depending on the size of a subscriber base, responding to messages from them can take hours per day. Typically, this involves thanking them for compliments and reciprocating with their usually harmless flirtations. Remember, these may be lonely guys who are stuck at home avoiding the coronavirus too. They miss going out and meeting women in nightclubs. What you as an OnlyFans model are selling is not just photos and videos, but an exciting experience that feels like meeting a woman offline.

Alabama Boudoir PhotographerThe end goal is to create a sense of relationship. In any business arrangement sustained over time, we are more likely as consumers to stay loyal if we feel as if we are doing business with friends rather than merely service providers. This is what keeps customers from jumping ship the minute they catch a whiff of a sexier model or a cheaper offer.

If you took the most vulgar, explicit sex worker selling subscriptions on OnlyFans who didn’t bother doing this and compared her to a more modest creator who took the time to get to know her fans, the subscriptions retained from month-to-month would be no comparison.

Pictures of hot girls are free on Instagram and porn is all over the web streaming at no cost on adult websites like PornHub. So it is the relationship that gives viewers a reason to actually pay money to consume it.

How this OnlyFans Photographer can help you succeed on OnlyFans

Everyone associates me with photography, but the most recent part – the content marketing — is my real area of expertise. Photographers are a dime a dozen these days, but not everyone with a camera will have the eye or the ability to consistently create content that fans will love and crave more of it to enjoy.

Steven Stiefel photo shoot

Non-OnlyFans Model Portfolio shoot at The Honest Pint in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


The more you promote it and the more you work at it, the more subscribers you’ll get. As your content on most platforms is free, you need to strike a balance so don’t hard sell it but frequently invite people to join you and enjoy an exclusive experience with you on OnlyFans.

Launching on OnlyFans is all about extending the content experience, doing exclusive subscriber-only content and adding more depth and variety that they are happy to pay for.

For example, if you’re a fitness blogger, you can do snapshots or short routines on Instagram and Facebook, but on OnlyFans you can give them a more detailed workout program and exclusive routines not published on Instagram or Facebook.

You’ve amassed a loyal fanbase because your fans love what you do already, so there doesn’t need to be a dramatic shift in your style or type of content – just offer more value, more insight and more depth on OnlyFans.

If you would like more information on how Steven Stiefel helps Actors, Models, Musicians, Creators, and Influencers develop their online branding, send us a quick email.

Content is King

Most Beautiful Women

Video is a key format and the general direction of travel for pretty much every social platform and yet Instagram and Twitter have time limitations that can only offer fans a snapshot of your content.

If you’re a beauty blogger or fitness influencer for example and/or are providing tutorials and educational content, you can offer extended content and more in-depth tutorials on OnlyFans with up to 3GB of upload capability for a single video, and up to 20 images per post.

So, use your mainstream platforms to tempt fans to experience the full video or photoshoot on your OnlyFans platforms as that’s where the value lies; you give subscribers more than they can experience on free-to-view platforms but they get a lot more for a modest subscription to your channel.

Retaining fans and ensuring you grow your subscriber base really comes down to giving people value for money. As long as they feel they get a great content experience at a fair price there’s really no need for them to leave.

Read their blog on how to make your content pay and keep fans coming:

How to retain your OnlyFans subscribers

Getting people to renew their OnlyFans subscriptions from month-to-month is a real challenge. Updating frequently is, thus, very important. If the month ends and you’ve only done a couple of updates, it’s not hard to bail on you for being lazy. Save the apologies; it looks bad to someone debating whether to subscribe and no one wants to hear about how unmotivated you are. If you want to make money, you’ve got to put in the time and effort to build and maintain relationships.

OnlyFans tips for photographers

Keep Up with Paperwork. And Document Expenses So you know Whether you are Making any Money

If you are an OnlyFans photographer, make damn sure you get signed model releases, complete with government-issued photo ID from the model to verify he or she is at least 19 at the time of the photoshoot. Get a snapshot of the model HOLDING her driver’s license up next to her face so OnlyFans can verify that everything is on the up and up.

OnlyFans is a very model-centric platform and may not be the best arena for photographers to generally monetize their content because the site is so stringent in this regard. You do need to make sure you are not putting content online without the consent of the models, but from my experience, it can be difficult to specifically track down a model you photographed 8 years ago to make sure she is specifically down with being put (behind a paywall) on a site like OnlyFans.

If you do know how to get in touch with a model you collaborated with previously, you can save headaches by running it past her to make sure she is still okay with you publishing her likeness and making money off of it. Legally, you’re covered as long as you have the signed model release and other materials – and honestly, most won’t mind, figuring that pictures of them are already archived online — but in terms of being able to look yourself in the mirror and feel good about what kind of person you are, just be considerate and be decent. It’s good karma.

If you are shooting with various OnlyFans models, you may find at least some of them who want to take your content and share it with their subscribers to make money while depriving you (the photographer) of the right to do the same using their likeness. I highly recommend discussing these matters and getting a signed model release before the first frame is shot. You don’t want to spend 5 hours shooting content and have to sit on it unused because the model wants to treat you so selfishly. Negotiate terms up-front to avoid any awkward misunderstandings!

How to set up an OnlyFans

Other quick tips for a successful OnlyFans page

Make sure you have plenty of content when you start

Even after you get started, Stockpile content. In case get sick, get pregnant, etc. Think 1-2 months ahead. When I help produce photo sets, we usually do 4-5 outfit changes and 2-3 location changes, shooting stills and videos with some variety. In one afternoon, you can knock out nearly a month’s worth of content. Then fill in the rest with smartphone selfies or behind the scenes stuff. You can also re-edit old content for a fresh rehash of stuff you’ve already shared.

Use Good lighting

Your photos do not have to be done by a professional, but you should always been looking for the most flattering light. This is especially important when you risk being “backlit” with your camera compensating for a window or opening behind you. A smartphone camera will compensate for that bright light, making the foreground look pitch black. Look for soft light, even if that means putting a thin white bedsheet over a large window in the living room to diffuse the direct sunlight so it isn’t so harsh. Backgrounds are also important. Clean up the clutter around the house if you are shooting there. It’s super distracting when your crap is everywhere. Not the kind of dirty that subscribers are looking for.

Think in terms of complete sets.

lingerie photographersYou don’t want to go to all of the trouble of building a set or putting together costuming only to get one photo to share. You need to milk it as much as possible and switch it up, ideally so you can share different images from the same session at various times throughout the year ahead, spaced out by several weeks.

Be consistent

This applies to social media generally. Same days and times of day to release new content. Build anticipation and train your supporters to expect. It’s fine if you forget. But if you forget a lot, it isn’t good. It shows your heart isn’t really in it.

Find your niche

Everyone’s doing the same thing. How will you stand out? Doing Cosplay? Don’t try to be like everyone else. Stay in your lane. Be the best of what you are instead. If you are a geek over something, incorporate that. It humanizes you as more than just an attractive piece of meat.

As I have said before, you don’t have to do porn to monetize your likeness on OnlyFans. You just have to have some awesome quality about you that people will find adorable or alluring. Or be some sort of influencer in a niche like being a fantastic chef or musician or whatever.

Cross Promote your other platforms

Display links to your other social media channels, without revealing your exact city or your actual name. Use Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. to feed potential subscribers to your OnlyFans, but also try to get them following you as many places as you can. Just in case OnlyFans shuts down or suddenly purges the type of content you’re doing (as happened with Tumblr). If possible, collect emails and use a service like Mailchimp to send out a newsletter to subscribers directing them to not only your OnlyFans but other subscriber sites as well.

Plus, you can use such newsletters to reach out to your fans with special offers that might persuade those who’ve unsubscribed to your OnlyFans to come back. You can create a sense of personality and a brand. Don’t “get caught with your britches down” by being careless with how you handle your branding.

If you end up leaving OnlyFans, you can convert subscribers there to other platforms as long as you have their email addresses. A newsletter can also give you a chance to offer incentives and rewards to subscribers who complete some action within a specified timeframe.

You can also, if you’re into the sort of thing, list your Amazon wishlist. Some guys are lonely and thirsty enough to buy a model something if she is playful andOnline scams affectionate in return. Please don’t take advantage of people, though. Ethical behavior is important if you want to be successful.

Precautions to be safe on OnlyFans

Please go into with open eyes and some sober deliberation. Once these types of photos are on the internet, they’re archived forever.

The world is also full of wolves that will exploit your eagerness to chase a dream. Be wary of anyone who promises you stardom or riches. And please maintain your perspective so you do not find yourself tricked into a life dominated by pornography or sexual exploitation. You don’t want to get sucked into that lifestyle if you can avoid it. There’s far too much human trafficking on the web and in real life.

I don’t want to see anyone drift that far from their moral compass. That’s part of the reason I wanted to write this specific blog: to urge you to keep your focus and not rush into anything you may regret doing later.

If you are going to have some sort of explicit content that would be inappropriate for younger viewers, I recommend include some boilerplate warning like this one on Nik Avocado’s OnlyFans:

[WARNING] Must be at least 18 Years Of Age to consent to this Adult Pornographic material. By following this site you represent and warrant that you are of legal age in your area to view adult content material, that you wish to view such material, and that you are of legal age to form a binding contract with me. If you do not satisfy all of these requirements, you must not follow this page.

You will also want to give a head’s up that you won’t tolerate guys stealing your content…

[WARNING] The copyright of the material contained on this OnlyFans page (Including All Images & Video material) is owned by _____. You do not have permission to Use, Copy, Reproduce, Print or Play any of this material outside of this OnlyFans page. Failure to comply will result in strict Legal action taken against the information presented at sign-up, i.e. your banking details, in fines up to $150,000 per infringement; a judgment can & will be placed onto you until all legal penalties are met. Our I.P. Attorneys have filed some lawsuits.

Just enough of a warning to make them think twice. Some will steal your photos and videos anyway, either by downloading or taking screenshots. There’s a whole creep subculture of the Internet that enjoys humiliating women by sharing naked photos. There is a dedicated circle of Hell that awaits such people. If you go into it, know that there WILL be content pirates, guys with no tact in talking to women and subscribers who will potentially become obsessed and turn into stalkers.

That’s no fun at all. So make sure there’s nothing to give away your actual name or where you are. Using an alias not only decreases the chance that Google will forever archive your risqué photos (which don’t help you on future job searches), but also deprive sick people the chance to make your life miserable.


Examples of Exceptional OnlyFans Profiles

Warning: These represent some of the most popular OnlyFans sites so you can look at what they are doing and learn something. Some of these do include adult-oriented content so viewer discretion is advised. Just don’t look if you are easily offended by such things.

Scotty Joe

Bikini Huntress Steph

Belle Delphine

Trishy Land


Johonni Blaze

Lilded Janet

Nikovado Avocado


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