Busiest Time of the Year Ends

I’m finally getting to come up for air a little bit after spending the last three months working on The Times-Journal’s annual Progress edition.

Author Jerry Ellis, from a recent interview for The Times-Journal about his writing workshop this fall.

If you subscribe — which I certainly hope you do if you are a fan of my writing and photography because that’s where the overwhelming majority of it now appears – you will have received these amazing issues throughout the month of March.

Progress is always a massive undertaking that requires months of hard work by a team of creatives and ad sales reps who get out there and sell.

Finishing it means great relief to everyone in the TJ building because we have a tangible result of all of that effort we can proudly hold in our hands, along with some awesome deposits as checks arrive from advertisers. I sincerely hope they felt it was a great value for their money and interesting enough to attract a lot of eyeballs who will now shop with them.

Please, if you enjoy the paper, drop our name in these stores and tell them you learned about them in the Times-Journal.

You don’t know the lasting impact that makes when a business owner ponders where to direct his or her precious ad budget. We aim every day to produce such a quality product that people don’t want to miss any issue, making it a useful platform for our advertisers to reach buyers.

Although I’ve done more Progress editions than I can remember, this was my first Progress edition as a publisher. I had more input into the theme and stories than any other collaborative project I’ve ever done.  

I started thinking about possible themes late last year and the pandemic screamed for attention. Thus, we explored various aspects of this disruptive global event that began in the Wuhan province of China and ultimately sent shock waves into rural Alabama. This has been a once-in-a-lifetime (I hope) tragedy worthy of putting our stake in the ground as journalists and declaring for future generations, “This was important. This mattered. And this is how we dealt with it and performed under pressure so we can learn.”

We’ve covered COVID-19 from a wide variety of angles, from the impact on schools and children to how nursing homes, our hospital, first responders and everyday people adapted to it. I’m so ready to get my second Pfizer vaccine on Monday and put this horror behind me. It’s going to feel so strange readjusting to life without the constant feel of becoming infected by a terrible disease and struggling with the rage of seeing some people be so inconsiderate of others. 

The Hard Work Continues

From a recent fashion photo shoot for DeKalb Living magazine.

Things have slowed a little bit, although there’s always a long to-do list. I simply have fewer deadlines falling right on the heels of each other.

I haven’t been able to do a lot of photo shoots, both because of COVID complicating everything and just flat out being extremely busy. However, what little I have done has been some good quality stuff, mainly content for our monthly DeKalb Living magazine. I’m really proud of the improvements we’ve made to it.

Ready to get outside in warm weather and shoot again. Who’s game?