Another in my “story behind the photo” series…

I call this portrait “Resolve” because it shows my friend, Brittney, walking on Pensacola Beach on January 29, 2017, moments after she told me she had decided against riding back to Chattanooga and was going to stay down there with just the clothes on her back, find a job, and make it her new home…

That’s terrifying. And part of what makes growing older so frightening is the realization that our freedom to make such choices fades as we put down roots and people begin to rely on us.

Everyone who views this always wants to know if she regretted making the audacious choice.

She said…

I am beyond happy to have made this bold move!! It was far from easy. I put Tennessee in my rear view mirror. FOREVER. (I seriously have not been back since.) I was excited and terrified all at the same time. I had managed to find a room for rent from some nice people that weren’t bothered by my kitty and a job that I would be starting in two days at a local golf course as a bartender…. I can’t believe this was 4 years ago now…. and for a current update! I am a bartender at a golf course, I play golf regularly (never thought i would say that in a million years), I have made so many new friends that I consider to be family now. There is always something fun going on here no matter the time of year. Every single day I wake up and I am thankful for the choice that I made. It was never easy. There were a lot of tears and struggles and plenty of times that I wanted to tuck my tail and run back home to momma…. I went from several rent-a-rooms type situations (Bc ppl are nuts btw in case u didn’t know) before ending crashing on my newly made best friend’s couch for a month… not easy…. I kept going… i just KNEW that this was something that I HAD to see through…. opportunities like these don’t just form from thin air… and when I made the decision it was like I watched the path before me clear. It was the craziest thing… I had never done anything like this before… I have always been outgoing but this was truly pushing it to the limit….. looking at this photograph makes my heart smile… it makes my soul warm…. I probably had tears in my eyes when this was taken… I have always loved the beach and I’ve always wanted to live at the beach. I remember thinking… “You’re grown now, Britt. You aren’t here for a week on vacation with your family this time. If you wanna stay….just stay…. call momma and tell her that you found your home and just stay.” So I did. And my mother, God love her, she was not surprised a bit. She told me she always knew that i would end up at the beach. That it was just in my soul and a part of who I would always ultimately be.

We absolutely DO become our choices. Good and bad. So ask yourself today, what is it that’s holding you back from that choice you have nagging at you in the back of your mind that you think might be impossible!? Be brave and bold and if you’re scared, SO WHAT?!?!? Give it a shot regardless! It may turn out better than u ever even imagined!!! But it also might not work out, maybe it wasn’t what you thought it would be or hoped…. Nevertheless, how will you ever know if you never even attempt it? If you just let it float around as a crazy idea in the back of your mind???
“Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart, and strong enough to live the life you have always imagined…”
This mermaid finally made it home 🧜🏼‍♀️🌴🌊

We are defined by the choices we make. What bold change could you make to steer your own life in a better direction?

“What is the single force that controls the quality of our life? We have the power of choice. We cannot control the events, but we can choose what to focus on. It is not our conditions but our decisions that control our life. Sometimes a little decision changes our whole life. Decisions EQUAL Destiny. If you want to change any of your life you have the choice. Little choices start to affect your whole life. Your destiny is focused on your decisions. Life is the dance between what we desire most and fear most. What makes people happy is progress. A breakthrough happens when you make a new choice.”

Tony Robbins