It’s been a pretty spectacular autumn here in North Alabama. I was worried at first because it started rather rapidly, suggesting I was starting my annual photography near the peak. I believe the peak at higher elevations occurred just shy of Halloween. In the valley, the leaves remain very bright and colorful in isolated spots. This gallery is a collection of some of my better images from this fall.

I’ll hate to see the leaves falling to the ground, both because the scenery is rendered so beautiful and also because it means winter is creeping closer. I like the crispness of a fall day when we finally get some relief from the summer heat, but winter and I are not on friendly terms. Why would we be? I have to spend an extra 10 minutes in the morning defrosting my windshield, there are fewer things happening, people don’t want to pose for photos because they’re all pale, and the amount of daylight significantly reduces to the point where it’s barely daylight on weekdays when I’m home. Not ideal conditions for a photographer.

I feel sluggish each winter and resist the urge to whine about it over and over. I limit myself to two gripe sessions on social media per winter. I find that this helps me to have a better attitude and seem less whiny, which is not an attractive trait.

The fun and connectedness of the holidays gives way in January to starkness.

I have to remind myself that without the bitter sting of winter’s arrival, I would not feel as much joy and appreciation for the springtime. I’ve also come to accept that the best idea is to accept that winter is essential to our health, giving our bodies incentive to rest and recharge. I’ve struggled with this in the past, never a fan of just sitting around doing nothing when I should be productive. Giving yourself permission to hibernate just a little bit makes it go by smoother.

Anyway, here are some pretty autumn leave pictures.

If you’d like to acquire a wall print of any of these images, you can let me know. I’ll also have prints on canvas coming at Mountain Town Mercantile in the very near future. All images are copyright Steven Stiefel.