Let’s create Senior Portraits that you’ll love to share!

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Your Senior Year Arrives!

Congratulations on reaching this milestone! All of your hard work leads to this moment: the end of your time in high school and the start of the next chapter. 


This is a special time for you. Your Senior Portraits should reflect that. So don’t settle for assembly-line photos made by the official school photographer. 


Photographer Steven Stiefel spends time talking to you before your portrait shoot to learn more about you, your personality, and what you (and Mom) are wanting. 





Fort Payne Senior Portrait Photographer

The Basics:

  • We can shoot at a location that has special meaning to you and incoporate props that say something about your interests. 
  • A Creation Fee covers my cost to do the photo shoot, then you view password-protected Proofs online. You buy only the prints you want instead of forcing you into buy specific packages. If you just want wallets, you got it!
  • The official school photographer typically has a contract with your school board specifying that you have to do the yearbook photo with them to be included. Please do so. Then come to Steven Stiefel for the rest of your photos!
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