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Publicity Media Kits

A media kit is a document you put together that gives prospective partners, employers or sponsors everything they need to know about associating with you. Images by publicity photographers like Steven Stiefel are a critical component.


Media kits are especially useful for:


  • Musicians wanting to book performances at festivals, nightclubs, etc.
  • Artists wanting to get grants or submit to an organization for exhibition.
  • Bloggers seeking corporate sponsors to support their writing through advertising.
  • Companies, organizations or causes that need to raise funds or awareness.
  • Small Businesses seeking a higher profile or growth in accounts.





Publicity Media Kits
Publicity photographers Chattanooga

Services include:

  • Professional Photography (Headshots + illustrations, as needed)
  • Social Media Marketing (growing your following)
  • Web Design (Landing Page or more, optimized for search engines)
  • Logo Design (Graphics for a distinctive presence across all channels)
  • Please ask for a custom quote on any services that are of use to you.
A good Media Kit achieves several things, including it:
  • Starts a Conversation
  • Answers Questions
  • Frames your Offering in the Best Possible Light
  • Makes Clients Feel more Comfortable about Booking your Services
To create a Media Kit for you, I need a few things:
  • A quality photo of you. I am available to create one if you do not have one already. It should preferably be at a printable resolution in case you need for it to appear in a newspaper or newsletter.
  • A List of Specifics that will Attract an Audience (if you are a singer, this would be what songs you cover. If you are an artist, more details about specific works you have available to exhibit. If you are a blogger, the subjects you write about regularly, etc.)
  • Statistics about any Built-In Online Following (If you have a website, your page views per month from Google Analytics, the numbers of followers on your social media channels, methods you use to notify your fans about upcoming events). Again, if you need help in building these up, I can help. Statistics showing your online reach are particularly important for bloggers seeking sponsors.
  • A Written Statement to Introduce Yourself. This is like a generic cover letter, a greeting to whomever views your Media Kit. If you’ve done notable things worth mentioning (been written about in magazines or newspapers, performed at impressive venues, exhibited at shows previously, etc.), this is a good place to do it. If you have an interesting or unusual background, share it. This doesn’t have to be perfectly written. Part of my service is polishing what you give me to start from. If you’ve taken the time to write a Mission Statement, this is its moment to shine.


  • Your Terms/Policies/Processes. What are your rates? Do you have packages or special deals? Do you have any incentives to offer (product giveaways for sponsors to promote you)? You will also need to spell out any policies that third-parties will need to know before associating with you (such as payment policies or things or specifics you need as a prerequisite). If you find yourself having to answer the same questions over and over, let me know so we can address them here. Do you have a consistent process that people need to follow for best results? Be upfront so people know what to expect and can make informed decisions. If some of this information is proprietary, you may want to create versions that differ (what the public sees vs what you send only to those thinking about hiring you). You may prefer to offer a custom quote rather than listing a one-size-fits-all set of prices.
  • Testimonials. We can write about how great you are all day long, but a review or recommendation from someone else is far more powerful. If you’ve had past sponsors, fans or patrons who were happy after associating with you, let them speak for you. If you can’t get anyone willing to speak on your behalf, simply list notable clients you’ve worked with in the past.
  • Your “Call to Action” clearly defined. Let anyone reading your Media Kit know EXACTLY what they need to do to achieve the results you are seeking. Be sure to provide contact information that is current and regularly checked.
After your Media Kit is created, you will need:
  • A PDF version that can be easily downloaded from your website.
  • Printed versions ready to hand-deliver or send via first class mail.
  • Updates made as information changes or additional elements are needed.

My Media Kit Development Services include a Consultation to go over the basics and help you determine what to put in your kit. After proofing it, a second version with any changes is included.

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