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Stiefel Creative creates compelling photography, video, and location descriptions. 



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Realtors and Homeowners

Steven Stiefel is an Official Google Trusted Photographer who can capture the essence of a residential or commercial space through still and/or video images for prospective buyers or renters to inspect on websites, MLS listings, directories, and more.

We can create an interactive “tour” of a property that can be viewed from any smartphone web browser. This is a great option for shoppers who want to save time by doing a preliminary online search before traveling and inspecting properties in-person. It also saves real estate companies time and resources to pre-qualify callers.

We can document possessions for insurance purposes and estate matters. 


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Hotel Photography

Weary travelers are looking for the best place at the best price to rest during their travels. High quality photography can help your business book the accommodation when guests view your website, directory listings and travel sites like TripAdvisor, Yelp, or their internal corporate booking websites. 

Several lodging establishments have trusted us to capture their facilities after re-modeling projects or when setting up directory listings. 

From luxury hotels offering top amenities to cozy AirBnb or smoky mountain cabins in the woods, we capture the experience awaiting guests. 

Restaurant Photography

We have more choices than ever about what and where to eat. When researching where to have dinner, inviting photos can provoke desire that leads to dinner reservations. Convey the sensory aspects of your dining experience on your website, on directories like Yelp!, and in your advertising materials. 

Interior Decorators and Contractors

You need to show future customers your skills and experience as a professional creator, but it’s just not practical to invite every caller to visit past job sites. With our high quality photography and video images, you can showcase what you offer. Let us create the images so you can focus on the other things that move your business forward. 

Property Development

We are a resource you can use when you want to scout a remote location for possible development before visiting it yourself. We can create photos and descriptions of a provided address and document the land conditions with on-site inspection upon consent of the landowner. We also help you document your processes from sourcing locations to groundbreaking to finished construction or development of a property. 

Mortgage Lenders,  Commercial Loan Services and Credit Reporting Bureaus

Let us be your representative on the ground, performing on-site inspections and review services for verifying locations and/or condition of collateral. We can validate businesses to provide clients with information regarding the legitimacy of the inspected business and inform lenders whether a property appears occupied by a mortgagee, abandoned or is in disrepair. We can also report on findings as part of pre-funding SBA Inspections. 

Terms and Conditions

Fees vary based on the coverage area (standard mileage of 54.5 cents per mile), the exact service being performed, and the volume of still and/or video files to be edited and/or uploaded. Our fees are intended to reflect typical circumstances and conditions. Fees are negotiable for special circumstances. Payment required within 30 days per completed transaction unless other terms are negotiated and mutually agreed upon in writing.

We are equipped with DSLR cameras with wide-angle lens for photographing locations, have the capability of capturing HD video, flexible availability, reliable transportation with appropriate auto insurance, and we are comfort doing face-to-face interviews with consumers due to our strong oral and written communication skills.

We understand that property owners are very particular about who enters their homes, so we are happy to undergo a standard background check at your request and expense. Confidentialty agreements must be reviewed before signing. 


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