fashion photography and lightning

One of my best images of 2018, with Red McCord.

I loved getting to spend more time than usual with my daughter.

Two-thousand and eighteen is nearly behind us. It was an extraordinary year in terms of our nation experiencing unprecedented things, primarily related to our president.

It was a period of painful adjustment for me personally, yet also a time of new triumphs. I adjusted to moving away from downtown Chattanooga while also taking on new roles in my career and acquiring new skills. I struggled to produce as much photography as I would have preferred and could have done under more favorable conditions; finding available collaborators among my previous models proved difficult and forced me to scout some fresh new faces.

I lost good friends to illness and tragedy. I found myself working to reconcile my own circumstances. It was a year of monster storms and wildfires as climate change reared its ugly head, even as Trump and his cronies acted in defiance of the inevitable catastrophes our planet faces. Justice reared its head as evidence and indictment accumulated as the voters called for accountability. We head into 2019 with breathless anticipation of gavels falling.

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