Modern marketing campaigns rely on “influencers” who gain a large enough following to affect opinions and behaviors while driving measureable outcomes online. 

Stiefel Creative gives you the content and branding tools you need to get established and gain such a following.

The Rising Star

We create the standard digital assets needed to establish a professional appearance, including biographical materials, stylish branding graphics, and striking photography (3 looks) that highlight the niche that you aim to specialize in as an online influencer. (Price: $500)

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The Shooting Star

Get everything included in the Rising Star package, then turn it up a notch with supplemental content/assets to produce content for 3-5 months of updates. We also offer enhanced consulting on developing your brand through outreach strategies and advise on how to create better onging content yourself. (Price: $1,000)

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The Superstar Package

Your 6-month retainer gets you regularly monthly photo shoots, plus quarterly contests and promotions that build your fan base and position you to “monetize” your persona by selling products from a website, landing page or Patreon. We can help you submit content to websites and publications while guiding you on how to use Google Ads and SEO for amplified reach. This is the ultimate in influencer branding development. (Price: $2,500)

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What’s involved in becoming an ‘Influencer’?

It’s about creating your own community through content, then interacting with people who like that content so they feel invested in you and remain interested. It’s about promoting a personal brand that is authentic and transparent. Having a passion about something that shines through. Influencing is about connecting, and that’s what marketing revolves around today – making us feel connected with the product and people who use/promote that product. Influencers have value because they help companies increase brand awareness and drive sales in an environment where traditional advertising on the TV or in magazines is getting tuned out thanks to so many different viewing options and disruptive technology like DVRs that let us fast-forward through the commercials during the favorite TV shows.

What’s the key to achieving the most influence online?

Rather than trying to be everything to everyone, stay in your lane and go deep rather than wide. Focus on the topic you are passionate about in your messaging, engagement, connections, and content. You need to be unique and become the face and name that people think of when they ponder that topic.

How important are good looks to becoming an influencer?

Chattanooga publicity kit photographersThat largely depends on what type of influencer you seek to become. An authority on cooking will need to rely on bringing recipes more than someone who wants to be known for physical fitness. Even the most beautiful model has to be more than just a pretty face and will stand a greater chance of developing fans if she has a personality to match that face. While an appealing look will initially make you stand out among the staggering amount of content being published on social networks, it is your ability to inform, educate, and entertain people that keeps you in the limelight long enough to establish a decent following that translates into companies exchanging products for online promotion or being hired to attach your face and persona to products.

I won’t have to do anything I don’t want to, right?

Nope. We are tasked with pushing you to expand your boundaries so you stand a chance of getting noticed, but we will never tell you to do anything that exceeds your comfort level. As part of the initial consultation, we talk with you to learn what your interests are and how we can best capture that in imagery and words. Since the goal is to create as wide of an online reach as possible, you definitely want to make sure you have the support of friends and family so you do not create an online persona and fan/follower outreach in vain. We recommend that influencers only align themselves with brands whose products and strategies match their own. You should feel comfortable declining any request, regardless of what collaboration may be agreed upon in writing. You should maintain the power to create content in your own voice and tone since you will presumably know your audience and the kind of content they want to see and read better than anyone.

Is this guaranteed to make me rich and famous?

Steven Stiefel photo shoot
We never promise anything we aren’t pretty sure we can deliver. Anyone who tells you that you are guaranteed success is telling you what you want to hear. We only give you the tools you need to get established as a potential influencer, but how far you go depends greatly on how much effort YOU put into promoting yourself and engaging with the people you are trying to reach. Your chances of making a splash online are greatly increased when you collaborate with creative professionals to achieve assets similar to what others are successfully doing. For those subscribing to our top-tier influencer branding service, we can offer critical feedback on tracked metrics so you can optimize your approach and adjust your strategy to create the perfect niche.

Are there any real-world examples of influencers to follow as role models?

Perhaps the best example I’ve personally known is Jennifer Nicole Lee, who has turned her fitness transformation into a global empire.

When I first met her in 2004, she was in the initial stages of establishing her brand by submitting a swimwear photo shoot and video content to the online magazine for which I was the editor. She branded herself as a fitness guru after losing 70 pounds and being crowned “Miss Bikini America”. She invested a lot of her money in producing that content entirely on spec, meaning that there was no guarantee she would recoup that investment in hiring photographers, makeup artists, etc. But she did a great job on it, had a real can-do attitude and inspired me to root for her to succeed. The photos and interview I did with her were one of many that helped introduce her to the public. She persisted with it and diversified by becoming a spokesmodel, bestselling author, and international celebrity pitching lifestyle brands, wellness products, exercise equipment DVDs, etc. When you work as hard as she has and don’t give up, it’s hard not to achieve a lot of things you set out to do. She’s a great role model to emulate, but results can vary. She epitomizes that idiom about success being when hard work meets random chance. If she didn’t have the goods and offer something distinctive from other fitness models, she might just be some lady you never heard of raising her kids, which is perfectly fine.

How can someone who wants to become an influencer get started?

The first step is to sit down for the free, no obligation consultation to talk about what sort of influencer branding campaign we might create. Before we shoot the first photo, it’s best to define goals and objectives before starting content creation.