Current Photography Projects for Your Consideration 

Stock Photography

I work with models of all looks, ages and body types for stock photography, which is used to illustrate concepts and actions for blogs, brochures, and the like. 

Model for Me

Lyrics and Images

 I’m taking the lyrics from popular songs and illustrating what they are describing. When we listen to songs, we create pictures in our imagination. 

The images may be used as part of a larger collection displayed in a gallery, but seeded to social media in the meantime. 

Content Trades

I collaborate from time-to-time with models who have profiles set up on apps like “OnlyFans” or “Patreon” where they share photos, videos and live streams with subscribers who pay to access this content.

One photo shoot with multiple outfit changes can potentially generate 2-3 weeks of content for their patrons to enjoy, provided they update daily.  I am able to get some behind-the-scenes footage from shoots, as well as music videos and more.

I can either be paid for generating this content or we can trade out so the content appears on their app and mine as well. Of course, they have a lot more patrons than I do, so it always works out to their favor. LOL 


Fitness Photography

I want to create a public awareness campaign promoting physical fitness, nutrition, and mental health. This is something I believe in strongly considering the epidemic amounts of obesity in Alabama manifesting in heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, depression, and suicide.

Lingerie Coffeetable Art eBook

This project is an exploration of lingerie as fashion statement, tool for seduction, cultural indicator, and subject of much controversy and discussion about modesty and morality. Fine art images capture the sensuality of the female form, accompanied by historical facts about the evolution of our undergarments and quotes from celebrities and designers about lingerie. Models pose in their own garments, which can range from elegant high-end designs to simple cotton bra/panty sets. 

Editorial Submissions

Although it is what people typically have in mind when it comes to modeling, unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of money in editorial anymore. The primary benefit now is raising awareness to funnel traffic to other calls to action that are easier to monetize. Some possible submissions.

Glamour Products

For several years, I’ve contributed to shooting swimsuit calendars, websites, and other projects. We can work together to monetize your image and branding for fan bases through eCommerce sites and channels such as Patreon, Bentbox, OnlyFans, etc. Let’s talk about all of the ways you can turn your good looks into cash. 


Cosplay Shoot

Character-themed photo shoots make for great and interesting content for my blog and platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. If Cosplay is your thing, let’s talk about doing a photo shoot that captures the epic characters you portray. 

Video Production

I create videos that help to promote talents or simply capture behind-the-scenes footage that can be shared on social media, on websites, and video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and subscriber platforms like Patreon or OnlyFans.

On the slightly more adventurous side, I am also looking for models who are experienced in or have an interest in doing fetish clips (damsel in distress, tickling, superheroines, balloons, etc.), particularly unscripted wrestling that contains no sexual activity or nudity and is intended for sports entertainment purposes only. 


Fine Art Figurative

I am always on the lookout for physically fit models (age 18+) who are comfortable with their skin & interested in doing something artistic and/or tastefully edgy (this is NOT porn, but rather, more akin to posing for a sculptor or sketch artist in an art class). Must maintain a professional attitude and possess the ability to hold a variety of poses. Patience and discretion are required, as well as maintaining confidentiality. Must be able to follow verbal and written instructions. Pay rate is negotiable.

Express your interest

Got an idea for a shoot? Let’s do something awesome. 

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